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Thursday, October 28, 2010

IHAN Needle Exchange Program Update and MORE!

Well, I'm almost ready to go to the airport....but still a few last minute things....cameras...extra memory camera this time....but I won't be able to post because my laptop can't do that....darn it anyhow!!!

So I have some loose ends to tie up here on the IHAN blog.  I still have some giveaways and posts to do from Spring Quilt Market.  So, I will post when I get back or perhaps I'll consider a double hitter!!!  Time will tell.

The IHAN Needle Exchange Program is still open to everyone in the world who would like to receive a free  Superior Titanium Coated Topstitch Sewing Machine Needle.  Just click the link and read the details.  I have sent out lots of needles so if you would like to exchange a needle....jump on the bandwagon :)

This is a comment I received from a person who exchanged her needle:
I just used my new Topstitch 100/16 Superior needle to attach prairie point binding ties to a Christmas tree skirt using decorative metallic thread and it all went thru like butter. No needle breakage and no thread breakage. Thank you for setting up the free needle program, I will definitely be ordering some soon.
(published with her permission)
Many of you will recall the IHAN 30 (plus) Days of Giveaways celebrating our 1st Anniversary and at that time I asked the winners to please send me a photo of what they did with their prizes.  There were two gals who responded and here are their photos and letters.

Dear Kelly,

I finally finished the lovely quilt design you were so generous to share
with me. Attached photo shows my version . I decided not to add theappliquĂ© leaves but to quilt an 'all over' pattern of leaves and swirls thatlook like leaves blowing in the wind. Gerald loves the quilt... and retirement also. The quilt looks attractivespread over his favourite chair.  I have made four other quilts for various Charities since starting 'Natures Palette'. They were considerably smaller than Gerald's quilt as his measures2.0m by 2.5m.I quilted it on my favourite quilting machine...Brother PQ1500 which I wasfortunate to win on eBay for the tiny sum of $700. It is a wonderful quilter.
Kind regards,


My new simplicity ruler is fantastic. It is so clear and easy to read. The break down of measurement variations is wonderfully helpful.I can't wait to go 'Star Crazy'.
Well....that is today's post!!  Wish us all safe travels and I look forward to blogging from Houston!!! 


  1. Wishing you safe and non hectic travels. Have a grand good time in Houston!!
    For some reason I keep hearing Larry Gatlin singing that Houston song of his when I type Houston... darn there it goes again!!!!

    Take care now,

  2. That quilt is just sure are impacting the quilting world are doing great things for all of us out here...thanks so much.

  3. I received my needle and it sewed wonderfully (for a week) - then I forgot to move the needle over after using another foot and bam!

    Now, I am not complaining! That would have been an ugly accident if if it wasn't a titanium needle - pieces of needle would have been flying, instead it just bent.

  4. Have a safe & fun trip! And if your tote seems a little heavy, check for stowaways bearing chocolate! Looking forward to your return!!! Oh, and btw, I loved my new needle too!!

  5. Have a save trip and I look forward to your shenanigans at market;)


  6. What a nice quilt. How fun!
    Have safe travels Kelly!

    Oh!~ I'm not Gene, but it is Thursday night. ;-)

  7. Happy and safe travelling Kelly :) I look forward to reading about all that you got up to while away.

  8. I'm amazed you got a post in today. Have fun, be save, take a lot of photos (videos too).



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More Later-Beth


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