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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Australian Spirit Pattern; Marketplace India Quilt and Pinmoor

You may recall my post on January 24th about this book, Australian Spirit.  Well.....I'll continue where I left off there....
As I mentioned in the earlier post, this book belongs to Waldo.  She and I were both excited when we saw this pattern by Terrie Kralik, Moose Country Quilts.  The "Sacred Orb" pattern is exactly what I needed to solve my latest puzzle.  What puzzle is that you ask?  I thought you would!

A gal from Marketplace India had contacted the Black Swamp Quilt Guild's President and inquired if there were any people interested in making some quilts for them as a charity project.  Naturally I raised my hand and agreed to make one.  We were given clothing and fabrics and had to cut them to make a 48 x 48 quilt.  I took one look at all the fabrics and went blank.....what am I going to do with these I thought.  Then Rosemary remembered her book,  Australian Spirit, and we were off and running.
Here is my version of Terrie's Quilt Pattern, "Sacred Orb."


All of the embroidery was already on the cloth.  I tried to get the most interesting patterns with embroidery to work in this pattern.  I really like how it came out.  What do you think?  I loved Terrie's pattern and the other patterns in the Australian Spirit book as well.  Thank you Terrie!!!

After I finished the top I had to sandwich the quilt for quilting.  I had read about Pinmoor but had not yet tried what a great opportunity right?
Pinmoors are little silicone stoppers that go on the end of your straight pins when basting a quilt.  I'm a skeptic so the first time I saw them I thought....oh....little pencil erasers.  I was quite surprised when I used them that they are not like erasers at all.  They are soft enough to push your pin into without being so tough it will dull your pins (which I'm not going to have that happen to MY pins....I love my pins). 
This is how they work and below is how they look when you baste the top of your quilt.
I like the Pinmoors and think they definitely provide a easier way to baste if you like using pins to baste.  There are a few important cautions I think you need to consider.  First, they are brightly colored and could be attractive to young children....a choking hazard.  Same goes for small pets but they are great choking hazards for Pests. 
The other thing I noticed was that if I was not paying attention (which happens to me all the time) you might push the pin through the Pinmoor and into your finger (yes it happened to me....but then I wised up). Pinmoors are non-toxic which is a great thing and even better, they are made in the USA. There are 50 to a package and that was enough to baste this 48 x 48 quilt top.

Now, on to the free motion quilting....I need all the positive energy and support I can get....send the vibes this way...please :)

If your guild or group is interested in more information about the Marketplace India Charity Quilting you can contact Shanti Freitas at



  1. That is a nice way to pin a small piece and easier to take out while you quilt. Just think how much more, beautiful the quilt will be when it is done;)


  2. Great QUILT, it looks fabulous. I'd seen the Pinmoors... but my favorite way to baste a quilt is with spray baste... not sure what it does in the long run... but I don't poke my fingers... either!!! But I dislike the safety pins even more (seems I stitch on to the quilt everytime) so if I had to pin, I'd use the Pinmoors for sure.

  3. The fabric and the pattern both play so well together...the perfect combination! I can't wait to see it all finished!

  4. That is just a beautiful quilt!! I, too, love the Aussie fabrics and patterns.

    I'm a safety pin basting kinda woman. Before I start to pin, I really concentrate on where I'm gonna be quilting at first so I don't have to remove them right away.

  5. Kelly, that is absolutely beautiful! I love it! I can't wait to see how you quilt it. I'm on a break right now from FMQing... so I'll send you my energy.

    I know it's going to be absolutely stunning... it already is!


  6. Wonderful quilt, Kelly. Looks even more striking in real life. I'm going to have to try those Pinmoors--worst thing about basting a quilt is closing those safety pins.

  7. I would have been really lost to figure out a quilt design for those did an awesome job. Interesting about the pinmoors...might have to get some!

  8. Oh Kelly what a glorious quilt! Good for you!!! I love the curved safety pins for basting, so I probably wouldn't try these for that....unless they make curved straight pins! Oh wait, I already have a ton of those from sticking them in the wall. *G* Sending good FM thoughts your way!

  9. I really like your take on the Sacred Orb. It came out great.

    I forgot to look for pinmoors on our shopping trip today. I guess I was too busy lusting over fabric.

  10. Great looking quilt!! Love the review on the pinmoors. Many thanks on your product reviews.

  11. Waiting patiently to see the finished top:)

  12. Gorgeous wuilt and the pinmoors look neat, too!

  13. Love all the little details in your Sacred Orb quilt. Have fun quilting it, I can't wait to see what you do.

  14. BEAUTIFUL quilt!! you did REAL good!!

  15. I love your quilt. You did a great job of showcasing the embroidery that was already on the fabric. And the fabrics look great with each other.

  16. I love that different! The pinmoors are neat for sure.

  17. mmmmh! those pin end thingie me bobs...look very enticing. Interesting and thanks for telling us about them.

  18. I have Pinmoors. I hate them and never use them. I find them very difficult to use. I much prefer the bent safety pins to baste....those you stick in the layer, push and the pin tip appears back on top of the layer. You really have to bend your hand/wrist to get the end of a straight pin back on top. I have arthritis and cannot do it. Anyone who sends me a SAS can have one free to try.


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