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Friday, February 4, 2011

Calling All Extra Spools

A good friend is in search of empty spools like this or similar - like empty serger thread cones or king cones.  Is anyone a pack rat like me and have saved stuff like this?  If you have and want to pass them along before the Hoarders television program arrives at your house....e-mail me at of us wants to be caught by the Hoarder folks....yikes!!!

My excuse for saving little things.....I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother growing up and she lived through the Depression.  I even have some War Ration Stamps she I use her as my excuse and I plan to continue to use this  excuse until the cows come home...what's yours?


  1. No empty spools here, but you have peaked my curiosity...what is your friend going to use the spools for?

  2. I just finished a cone but the shape is a little different. I think it is in my sewing room garbage if you want me to take a photo of it and send it to you I can and if it is OK I can post it off to you. Let me know

  3. I don't have any Kelly, but have several spools that are close to being done. I'll let you know!

  4. I too save all of mine (and ALL my scraps no matter how small). My granddaughter's kindergarten collects them for their art corner. The boys love the cones as they become towers, mountains etc., and the girls love the materials to make collages.

  5. Oh, dear--you've hit on one of my tragic flaws (with a nod to the bard.) My grandparents, too, lived through the Depression here in Oklahoma, and never let go of anything! I have to work so hard to get rid of things, I'm actually PROUD when I throw something away! I grew up playing with spools--but my boys are too old for that now, so I throw them away. Whew. I feel like I just made a confession!

    Hi. My name is Dot, and I...

  6. I don't use the big spools like that one. I do have a decorative sewing box with a hinged lid that is full of the smaller ones that I frequently find uses for. Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone! lol

    My grandparents, whom I lived with for many years while growing up, went through the depression and saved everything. When they were in their final years, it took my aunt 3 months of intensive work tossing things in dumpsters,just to clear out their house. She had to take the door off of one room just to get in, because the pile fell over. I've got controlled saving...

  7. No empty spools here. I use the regular size spools and have found that our town accepts them for recycling. My Grandmother was a pack rat and saved everything so I always say that is where I get it from. Grandma used to save all the bags that bread came in. She would rinse them out and tuck them in an old coffee can. We always found lots of uses for those bags.

  8. Only one empty spool here, and it's an itty bitty Sulky one, and I'm only saving it to remind me to pick up more of that color next time I'm in store! Still being in the RV, space is limited, so I'd rather store the ones WITH thread than the empties! :) Of course, I've got lots of scraps - might need them someday!

    Wonder what your friend is gonna do with 'em? I'm sure we can count on a picture of the finished product, hint, hint!

  9. Just threw soe away...sorry....I wanted to save all the spools for the year but unpacking and seeing what a mess life is....out they went...yes...they..two of I bad????

  10. I blame my packratness on my grandmother too. But growing up in the depression, they didn't have anything to begin saving wasn't as much of a problem for them.

    Sorry I don't have any of those to see what she's doing with them.

  11. I have 3 that I would be happy to send.


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