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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Belated Valentines Post and Wicked Free Motion Quilting the IHAN Way

This was my Valentines Day picture and greeting. A little late but what is a sick girl to do?  Rest!  That is what I've been doing. Went to Dr. today and I got an Rx so I'll be on the mend soon. Thanks for all the nice thoughts and advise....always fun to read comments....even when I'm sick :)

Apparently I was starting to feel ill on Sunday night because this is what I wrote on Sunday night:
I'm not sure weather I'm loosing my mind, I'm channeling a wild spirited quilter from another life, having a spiritual experience, or if it is just peri-menopause.

Nothing, I mean nothing is easy these days. I have been struggling with everything....I'm frequently frustrated and feeling like nothing is going "my way." You know, "my way" is "the way" of course....especially when I've feeling like this. So whats up you ask? Let me tell ya!

I want to finish the "Passing the Orb" quilt...I sit down to work on it and I immediately start disliking what I'm doing...I feel like a naughty spirited quilter has taken over my hands and it just goes here and there....honestly a mess. So I stop working on it.

I'm going to do some photos for my Valentines post and I look for my camera.  Battery is dead (naturally).  Meantime I can't find the charger to my camera battery. I look everywhere...nope can't find it. Mr. McSteamy finds it on top of the dryer. Now, can you please tell me what in the heck my camera battery charger is doing on top of the dryer? I don't know either.

(you have to imagine this wild hair is red...screaming

I get this wild hair that I'm not going to sit here and take this any longer....I'm going to quilt something if it is the last thing I do. So I pull out a panel I found a year ago and start sandwiching it ....what is going to be the backing....heck I don't this point I'd pull off the curtains on the kitchen window and use those (if I had any on my kitchen window). I run across some light pink fabric that has some sort of strange mis- dye...what ever....who cares....then to find the batting. The roll of batting is in my bedroom closet....that would require climbing two sets of stairs. No way....I'm going to have some fun quilting if it kills me. I dig out a bag of nasty polyester junk (yes there is some junk on the market....I'm not sure why or how it gets there...but I was given some and I stuck it in with some other things.)

So, now I need to baste the thing right? I have only a few choices....Mistyfuse, hand basting, my Pinmoors (that are currently in the "Passing the Orb" quilt.....oh yes....there is that basting gun I have in my inventory, QuilTak. Never tried one....what the open the package and begin basting...don't read the directions....just bang away with this little gun like thing. Oh it was so much fun....who knew how easy and fast these little babies are....I'm thinking it might be my most fun new

I'm going to start using these little things for all sorts of crazy stuff....perhaps even using them to hem a pair of pants....attach all sorts of things that need attaching....I've gone QuilTak crazy!!!  Oh this is too much fun.

The panel is now basted and I know I'm going to run into the same motion quilting what have I decided to do?  Call this my "wicked free motion quilting session"....what ever happens.....happens!!   You also have my permission to get wicked with your quilting as well!  We can ask for absolution from the "Quilt Priest" and then go our way piecefully afterwards.

And she is off to the races......

Nice and Wicked!!!  All messy....crossing over lines...who cares....I feel like the Road Runner and the Coyote is chasing me....and then I speed up so he never catches me.....oh yeah....loving this wicked wild hair that I've got......
Ok, that was Sunday night, now this morning after being on the sofa for over 36 hours, I decided I need to have some more "wicked free motion quilting".  I put this mug rug first.


Ahhhhh, some TAZO "Calm" you think it has worked?  Think this wild hair has subsided?  I don't' know either.....but hey....I had some fun and got something accomplished. 

That pretty much captures the past 48 hours....aren't you glad you don't live with me?  ROFL



  1. You've just got my life in a nuts shell:) I do hope you feel better soon and I love love love the mug rug! No crazy quilting there!

  2. Those tack things are fun to put in but wait till you try taking out all of them in a full quilt!

  3. Glad you went to the doctor....and hope you get to feeling better.

    Love your free motion.

  4. I like how you followed the weave of the jacquard for your mug rug.

    I know what you mean about the desire to free-motion quilt. It's fun.

  5. Boy have I had some of those days especially as I get older and my mind is going. I have used those tack Things and I really liked them except sometimes they left holes,this was a few years ago so maybe they are finer now. Blessings and hope you feel better soon. Sandra

  6. I hope you are feeling better. It's just the pits to be sick and WANT to do more things. I really like your Mug Rug :-)

  7. LOL, sounds like some of my days;)


  8. At least you are honest and HYSTERICAL if I might add;)

  9. Ah, yes, Kelly. I've been there. Maybe it's the red hair. That's what my mother used to say anyway.

  10. Cute projects! At least you won't wake up Monday morning with a quilting hangover saying: OMG, what did I do?!

  11. Take care of yourself Kelly! I bought the tack and then read about them and never used them. I have the whole full set not even opened.

  12. Gee whiz, sounds like a normal day here. Let's get together some time for tea--in a nice, quiet, normal place~~~Georgette's in Maumee?

  13. Kelly, I could give you a great big hug right now - next time I get a wild hair I'm going to attack a quilt! I love your quilt and I love your mug rug.
    I hate those basting guns though - bought one, used it once, and took it back. It left holes in my quilt and it wasn't fun - hurt my hands.

    I'm glad you're feeling better hon!

  14. Glad you went to the Dr. and got Rx and hope you'll feel better soon.

    Love your mug rug...and the tea!

  15. I hope the medicine helps you feel better!

    I am pretty sure the world is lucky they don't have to live with me and my craziness!

  16. Glad you are starting to feel better Kelly! I love your mug rugs and am so glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't piece them. I'm even thinking of serging the edges instead of binding them. You did good on your FMQ. Have a great day!

  17. Glad you are starting to feel better and really glad the tea was "calm"!


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