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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I -Top Your Flip Flop

This is the I-Top booth from Houston Quilt Market.  They actually had all their supplies set up and they let who ever wanted to make something....make it.  I thought that was a good idea because it is one thing for the demonstrator to make something with their is quite another when I make something with a tool.  Embellishments are my weakness....yes I have several....but who's counting?  Can you imagine how eye-catching a pair of flip flops would be with a fashionable flower like the ones below (properly sized of course...unless you are going for the Bozo

I made a button quite easily and I'm sure it is around here somewhere....think I can find it for today's post?  Nope.  Oh well, I'm honest and you know was really cute too.  The I-Top would have come in very handy several years ago when I made children's items and supplied them to Boutiques.   Covering buttons is a great way to embellish a hair clip or headband.  We used to have to make them the old fashioned way....not any longer.  Some pretty smart whipper snapper came up with this tool and all the little "gizmo's" to go with it.

Here they are, all the "gizmo's"....headbands, brads, buttons, magnets, badge pins, rings, snaps and even bobby pins.  Someone was cooking on all four burners and I wish it had been me! 
Check out how sweet these children's items are with the help of a I-Top if I had had this tool....I could have retired on my profits.  Perhaps I'll invent something else one day....hmmmm.....we'll see...chuckles.
There were some embellished quilts as well.  My mind started jumping when I thought about how fun these would be on wall hangings...especially the seasonal ones.  Is it just me or do you get excited when you see all the possibilities as well?  Now you know why I have so many projects....I am enchanted with way too many things.  Guess that beats a life of doldrums and no fascination at all....right?  You better be saying right!  :)

You may notice on the IHAN website that if you want to order the "gizmo's" they come in 6 packages.  Ya'all know I can't stock 7 million dollars in "gizmo's" so if by chance you can't use them all (are you nuts?....oops...that bubble above my head started typing...yikes) you can e-mail me and I'll see if there isn't someone else who wants to split them with you or you could ask a friend.

Tanya's post yesterday made me think about copying her idea but using words on magnets instead of the alphabet because my boys are getting older.  How fun would that be?  Customized sayings for the boys on the fridge?  I'm liking this :)

I certainly hope you find some fascination in your day today.

PS...don't forget about the Aurifil Blog Hop...get your block patterns and a chance to win some Aurifil's blog stops are: Stitchin' Heaven and Quilting GallerySewCalGal and I are tomorrow....yikes....I'm getting stage fright already....


  1. Right, right and right! This looks like a really fun tool, Kelly! I hope you're feeling better today, hon!

  2. Look at those cute cheery flowers!!!! how fun!!!!


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