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Monday, February 7, 2011

Stuck On You!

Oh you all know how much I love the embellished wonderments at Just Another Button Company.  Well, check out this kit they have made. 

Stuck On You! comes with buttons, You Just Pins, Weeks Dye Works wool, wrappers, box, wool roving and instructions.

Can you imagine the joy a stitching- chocolate-lover would have when they received this as a gift? Or a calorie free treat for yourself perhaps? No one to make them for? E-mail me and I'll send you my address :)

Yes this is fun for Valentines Day....however....being the person I am....I would love to have something like this given to me at another time during the year telling me that I was loved....wouldn't you?



  1. Yep, it would be a most pleasant heart gift :-)

  2. That is a fun idea, that and maybe some flower ideas would be a nice idea, for quilters who are sick or need a pick me up.


  3. You are right! That is too cute! I love their Just Pins! I have them sitting in my wool pin cushion right by my computer so I can look at them all the time:-) I may need a Valentine...hmmmm.

  4. Oh my gosh, if this isn't just the cutest!! As a choco-holic.. yep, this would hit the spot!

  5. Way too sweet! Get it... sweet? I crack me up.

  6. I would prefer real dark chocolate...just sayin'.

  7. That is really sweet! I don't do Valentine's [ugh] so yes, any time of year would be good!

  8. This is SEW cute. Oh my word, I love it

  9. You are loved! But I do think this would be a cute gift too!


  10. You are a temptress!!! I clicked on the site, and OMG!!! Love the snowman and the little trees!! So I didn't stop at the chocolates!!
    Now, where did I put that cross and garlic???

  11. Cutest thing I've seen since my pooch was a pup! AbSEWlutely adorable! Thanks for sharing! maybe if you leave one out, the boy's would get the hint & make one up for ya!


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