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Monday, January 9, 2012

Famore Cutlery Blog Hop All This Week :)

You can see for yourself, I am "Kelly Scissor Fiend, Queen of the IHAN Nation" (self appointed of course) and this is Brint from Famore Cutlery, formerly known as "The Scissor Man." 

Brint was stripped of his Scissor Man Apron in Houston...hence his tears in the photo above.  I wore my "Queen of the IHAN Nation" apron and  THE Scissor Man apron too....reigning supreme over the Land Of Sharps...LOL
While my reign was short sure was fun.  It isn't to hard having fun with the folks from Famore Cutlery....that's just what we do!

Join us for some more fun....the Famore Cutlery Blog Hop

I have invited 4 other bloggers to review a Famore Cutlery product this week.  They were able to choose any Famore product for their review and they'll be giving an identical item away on their blog.  How they decide who the winner is ....well, that's completely up to them.  Rest assured the giveaways are not rigged...cuz I already have what they are reviewing...I'm so, so, so, so bad!

Monday Jan. 9th 
Visit Patsy  at  Patsy is reviewing the Batting and Fabric EZ Glide Scissors.

Tuesday Jan. 10th
Visit  Judi at  Judi is reviewing Famore's  4" Curved Scissors.

Wednesday Jan. 11th

Visit the "Queen of the IHAN Nation" at
I hear she will be reviewing the Famore Seam Ripper and the Metal Safety Stilletto.

Thursday Jan 12th
 Visit Jocelyn  at Joceyln is reviewing the Famore 8" Bent Trimmer Fabric Shears

Friday Jan. 13th
Visit Darlene at  Darlene is reviewing Famore's Micro Fine Tweezers.

Have a wonderful week and be sure to visit each of the blogs listed above.  I can't wait to hear what other people have to say about the Famore Cutlery products they are reviewing.



  1. I didn't even finish reading this post before I ran to Patsy's blog to try to win those batting shears!

  2. This is a great hop! thanks!

  3. The famore tools rock -- love my seam ripper (aka, "The grim ripper"), tweezers, and snips!

  4. Oh, how wonderful! I do love me some good quality tools! Pardon the dust - I'm off to visit Patsy!

  5. That seam ripper is wicked looking. Bet it works great.

  6. I have to go check out the review, have never seen scissors like that, so interested in seeing how they work.


  7. HAHA Love the pics. He knew you'd get that away from him one day. You'd think when you were around he would have used extra security to guard against you taking his apron. LOL

    Great blog tour. Can't wait to read what everyone says about these items. Of course, I already own the seam ripper and haven't touched another since because it is awesome. I bought mine when I had just gotten my embroidery machine and wow, that works wonders to remove machine embroidery that needs to be ripped out.


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