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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life Imitating Art?

There is nothing quilty about this post....

You know those folks who have the plastic deer in their yards?  I guess it could be considered an art form....of sorts...right?

 I'm driving through Maumee, the next town over....and I see a plastic person (Santa in the background)  standing in a yard with real deer ...go figure!
 Just as comfortable as they could be walking down the sidewalk....moseying along as though they have nothing to do but watch me.  I loved the tables being turned for a change.
Those were some very fun moments....seeing the deer walk through town.  I loved it.  There is a park nearby and that's where they live...well...most of the time anyway. 

Believe it or not...I used my IPhone to take the photo too.  If I were really spanky, I'd be able to take the photo and post it to my blog in two clicks.  I'm not there yet.  I had to e-mail the pix to myself, come home to my computer, download and save, open in Picasa, Export, and then Upload to Blogger.  See all the steps I could save if I had a clue...LOL.

I rounded the corner to find Aaron skating in place holding on to the refrigerator door.....I cracked up laughing.  He was going no where....I can see where I might benefit from this new form of would be difficult to get the door open while skating....he may just be on to something here. 

I hope you got a kick out of this pix....otherwise it may be one of those things where ya just had to be there.

Hope you are having a wonderful day too.



  1. I hate being technologically challenged!!!! Life is too short to have to keep learning new things.

    Loved the deer - real deer!

  2. Loved your deer ... can your deer come over and play with our deer? Haha!! Loved the rollerskating in place,'s the only way I'd feel safe, these days!! :)

  3. funny, you think it would work? If I did that?

    Love your deer photo.

  4. Love the pics of the deer! They're all over around here too....but we rarely see them. That pic of Aaron is just hysterical, what a GREAT idea - that would keep me away from the food, lol!

  5. A couple of weeks ago I was driving home thru Maumee and nearly clipped a deer going full bore across the street you show here. Yessh.

    Lemme know how the 'fridge/skate machine works out.

  6. having a great day and it's better now that I've gotten a laugh from you (and Aaron!!)

  7. I'm thinking that HE IS on to something! I need to go out and get some skates...I'd probably need the 2-sideby/side
    ones...or I would be on my knees! LOL


  8. Looks like Santa and the "reindeer" were too tuckered to fly back to the North Pole. Maybe after they rest a while-LOL

  9. Ah Kelly and once you figure out just how easy it is to 'synchronize' your iPhone with you computer, you're going to kick yourself for taking the long route!!

    C'mon you can do it!!

  10. I take a lot of heat around here for being tech challenged! LOL I think I'd better go look for the kids' old inline skates and see if one of the pairs fits me...looks like the perfect exercise routine for me!

  11. Hilarious! Maybe this is a new diet trick?
    Loved the deer too!

  12. I love the deer with the plastic person! The irony was wonderful. As for the deer being comfy walking around town, when we went to Sisters, Oregon, they not only are comfy walking around town but they even use the crosswalks!! lol My DH was getting a haircut when a family of them did it. When we marveled at the crosswalk bit, the barber said they do it just about every day...all of them.

  13. Our deer walk around town, sleep in peoples front and back yards as if we are the ones being watched. Love it and love your son trying to skate!


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