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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nancy Lee's Machine Embroidery

I am fortunate enough to know a a few women who really know what they are doing with Machine Embroidery and they have been educating me since I  became interested in ME.  Both of them told me their first preference for stabilizers and thread is Floriani.  After hearing about how wonderful Floriani products are, I did some investigating and became a Floriani Dealer last November.

Today, I'm going to introduce you to one of those really smart ladies...this is Nancy Lee....Nancy Lee, I'd like you to meet the IHAN Blogifers. 

Nancy Lee has been sewing all of her life.  Over the last 20 plus years, she has been doing machine embroidery and the last 5-6 years she has been quilting.  With all that experience you know when Nancy Lee tells me  to put my metallic thread spool upside down on my thread holder...I do it... without even a slight hesitation! 

Nancy Lee allowed me to visit her home and photograph some of her projects in December.  All of her projects shown here were made with Floriani Embroidery Thread and I've noted the designers beneath the photos.
(Embroidery Design by Smart Needle)
 These sandals cracked me up.... it makes me want a swimming pool and a margarita for sure.
(Embroidery Design by Momo-Dini)
Nancy Lee took a third place ribbon in the Tote Bag Category at the Kaleidoscope of Quilts this past year.
I really like the close up of this design...didn't it come out nice?
 (Napkin ring Embroidery Designs by Advanced Embroidery)
These napkin rings are snowflakes and Nancy Lee had made several that were just beautiful. 
Thanksgiving napkin rings...aren't they just perfect for Thanksgiving?  Nancy Lee even embroidered her napkins...
Neat ay?  Now we just need an invitation for Thanksgiving Dinner!!

(Embroidery Design by Zundt)
This bag is a ribbon winner for Nancy Lee.  She received a 2nd place ribbon at the American Embroidery Conference in 2011.
The butterflies are three dimensional and really make this bag take off...pun intended :)
 (Embroidery Design by Julie Hall)
I thought this wine bag was really cute.  When I give people a bottle of never has a bag...I think this just may need to change.
 (Anita Good Designs)
A book mark is a nice personal little gift or treasure to have.  My boys are always looking for their book marks...I think I should make some with their names on it so they'll know who it belongs to.

Time for a confession....yes...another confession!!  I have this thing for dish towels and bath towels.  I love dish cloths with embroidery.  I've received a few as gifts and I'm telling you they are so much fun.  Perhaps because can make me smile when I have to do a dreaded chore.
If this doesn't make you giggle....well...just giggle will ya?  It won't hurt a bit!
Loralie has some very fun designs too.  Nancy Lee took the time to show me how nicely the Floriani Stabilizer tears away from the design.
Look how nice and clean the back is.
This pix is enlarged a bit to show you the centers of these lace snowflakes.  Nancy Lee used Floriani Wet N Gone Stabilizer and Angelina Fibers (center)....they really are so beautiful and the addition of the Angelina really pop these snowflakes, don't ya think?
(Jenny Haskins Designs)
Nancy Lee has made so many beautiful things that it was difficult to pick and choose the photographs for this post.  I thought I'd end with this one because I'm so impressed with how fine these flowers came out. 

Beautiful aren't they?

I'm going to leave you with some of the things Nancy shared with me about her experience with Floriani products:
"Floriani thread is my preferred thread because it shines beautifully like rayon and it glides through the needle.  Rarely does it ever fray or break and if it does, that usually means I need to change my needle.

Floriani Stabelizers are the best and I've never been disappointed.  The outcome of my projects really shows how nice the stabilizers are.  Everything comes out beautifully."  
Nancy Lee White, OH Dec, 2011

I have been using the Floriani Thread and Stabilizers since November and I've been more than happy with the results.  My needle never once got sticky when I used the Perfect Stick Stabilizer and when I used another brand my needle was covered in a gummy substance...not good.  The Floriani Thread is absolutely beautiful no doubt about I've been very pleased.  Time has been limited with year end inventory and book keeping with IHAN so that stuff gets in the way of having fun with Floriani of recent.

Floriani has a Year End Sell Out Promotion going on until the end of January so if you want to take advantage of Floriani Thread at 50% OFF and other excellent here for all the information to order from I Have A Notion :)

Thank you Nancy Lee for sharing your time, projects and insights with me!



  1. What an amazing post and an accomplished embroiderer...(is that a word)....thanks for introducing us to her and her wonderful projects.

  2. Oooh, I am going to a Floriani event Friday. I am so excited!!! I hope I learn to make beautiful stuff like this.

  3. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful resource for ME!! Enjoy and soak up everything you can from her.

  4. I love the Floriani products. I am glad that you are now going to be a dealer for them. Her work is just gorgeous. I am so glad that you shared her pieces.

  5. Nancy is the most experienced embroiderer in our machine embroidery guild. This past summer, we actually made her a crown and crowned her queen! Her work is beautiful and she is one very creative lady! Nancy will always offer help and advice and introduces us to everything new in embroidery!

  6. Oh wow, I **LOVE** Nancy's totes! Her embroidery work is so beautiful. While I've only dabbled in machine embroidery(ME), I know it's a lot like painting.

    Hubby said it shouldn't be called "painting" because the real work is in the surface prep. I imagine the same is with ME, fabric prep is key. Having a stabilizer system that is foolproof, good digitizing and beautiful thread makes it a work of art!

  7. I am honored to know Nancy, and her work has really evolved over the years....from wonderfully exquisite, to incredibly exquisite!!

  8. WOW! WOW! WOW!! Nancy does some fun and fabulous things!!


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