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Monday, January 16, 2012


We are all winners...but you didn't need me to tell you that.  I feel like I win the most because I have the good fortune to meet so many interesting and wonderful people.

Speaking of Interesting is Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the US.  I hope everyone stops today, if even for a moment, to remember THE DREAM.    In the photo above you mostly see people with black skin....but THE DREAM is for all people, ever where, no matter their color, religion or socio-economic status or education.  We are ALL important, we ALL matter and I Have A Notion that each of us have our own important tasks in continuing to bridge the gap between all people everywhere.

I've witnessed many stitchers and quilters stitch beautiful relationships across all the gaps and wrapped one another in love and beautiful quilts without concern for any of the politics, religions, finances or education of one another.  I'm proud to be a quilter  :)

Quilters need tools to do those jobs and speaking of which...we have some announcements to make....

For those of you who had not heard of Famore Cutlery, you can't say that any more!  Famore Cutlery makes scissors for several different companies.  The stamping on the scissors will have the other companies logo. Perhaps more people are familiar with Simplicity's Jackpot Scissors or Floriani's Machine Embroidery Tools...both made by Famore

BY THE WAY:  I noticed several people have ordered Famore Products and the Postage Calculator on the IHAN website has overcharged you for shipping.  You will be credited for the postal worries :)

Congratulations Pam!!! 

The Winner of Learn To MAKE A QUILT from start to finish is

Congratulations Penny!

And the winner of GARDEN PARTY Stitchery is.....

Congratulations Diane H.!

Pam, Diane and Penny please e-mail me your full names and addresses so I can send out your gifts.  (

Now I have to run over and see who won the other Famore Blog Hop giveaways! 



  1. This was such a fun blog hop Kelly. And THANKS for introducing me to Famore scissors! They are incredible tools.

  2. Big Congrats to the winners. I guess some people are having trouble commenting on blogs, mine was one and someone said yours was another....

  3. Thought of you last night as I was un-sewing. Uh...yeah...I'm the one who told you that I like to think I never need a seam ripper!!

  4. Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your new cool tools!

  5. Congratulations to the winners! It was interesting learning about the scissors.

  6. Thanks so much, Kelly. Not only do I love redwork but I have a new bookshelf in my sewing room to hold this lovely book. Congrats to the other very lucky winners.

  7. Greetings from snowy Washington State. Woo hoo to the winners! You will *LOVE* your tools and books!!!!!


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