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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Prairie Point Pizzazz Book Review

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Are you feeling like being a book worm?  With the shorter days here in the US and the time gets dark here in Ohio right around 5pm.  So during this season of hibernation...I really enjoy cozying up to a good book and boy do I have a good one for you today!!

Prairie Point Pizzazz is not a book I would be typically be attracted to.  I saw it first while at Quilt Market in Houston last fall.  I saw it and walked right past it without giving it a second thought.  Making prairie points didn't really appeal to me in general.

THEN....I stopped to watch Karen Sievert's demo and I was not only pleasantly surprised but I was also inspired to make prairie points.  Shocking...I know :)
Prairie Point Pizzazz by Karen Sievert is definitely an excellent book if you are looking to spice up your quilting.  She has developed a new technique for making prairie points.
This is a close up of the prairie points on the quilt Karen has on her demo's table above.

Naturally the one quilt that I just couldn't stop smiling at is this "PeakABoo" quilt Karen has in her book, Prairie Point Pizzazz.  Instantly I thought about how cool these popping prairie points would be for little children's quilts and fun teen quilts too.  How about those quilt challenges where it has to have an element that doesn't quite float your boat?  Like having an insect in it someplace....just hide the insect under the prairie point and you've met the idea ay?

Let me tell you what else I liked about Karen's book and her presentation.  She had her sewing machine, iron, pressing surface and tools right there on the table.  They were not props either.  She used her tools to make the prairie points right in front of all of us watching.  I'm always impressed when people actually use their tool and methods to make a completed sample.  It is so easy to just have the fabrics lined up and show the steps....but it is a whole other thing when it is done in front of your eyes. 

Then Karen offered a completed sample and you know I didn't turn her down.  Look how beautiful this block is.

This is the back of the sample she gave me. The smart thing about the sample is that I have looked at it a number of times and have shown it to many people and it serves as great inspiration.

Prairie Point Pizzazz has 10 patterns including table runners, wall hangings and quilts.
This is her "Blooming Tree of Life" quilt and I love the dimension that her method of making prairie points definitely has more Pizzazz!! :)
Karen has developed the  Prairie Point Placement Guide.  Although it is not required to use her technique, it does make lining up the points accurately much easier.

The other tool Karen highlighted in her book is the Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool. I've read her directions and I can also see why people would find this to be a handy tool when making prairie points. It helps you determine the size of fabric needed to make the prairie point. The Prairie Point Pressing Tool is stainless steel and it helps you line up your center line perfectly and you press your prairie point with the tool inside the fabric so your points are nice and sharp.

I would have to say that Prairie Point Pizzazz was one of the best books I learned about in Houston this year.  When I can go from not interested to very interested  and then be inspired to make a prairie point....that is really something for me.  Oh, and did I mention she is a visual learner too?  I think that is what makes her directions and patterns so inviting.  I can actually understand them and follow her directions.  That should get a 4 star seal of IHAN approval :) is my prairie point sample.  I just whipped up a little point to play with.  I have so many projects underway that if I dare start another one before finishing the others....I just might have to punish myself....and I'd hate to have to eat 12 boxes of Tim Tams as punishment! Yikes!

Just in case your interest has been peaked, I thought I'd offer a IHAN Blog Special where you will save 25%!  Just click here to see what is included :) ***The first 12 books are autographed by Karen!!

Has your interested been peaked?  Tell me what you think....would you add some Pizzazzed Prairie Points to one of your projects?  I'd like to know.


  1. My problem is things look easy when someone demonstrates them, then I forget what they did and give up, lol.


  2. Looks like a great book and adds lots of dimension to a quilt.

  3. Looks like a great way to make prairie points. I have a couple of quilt patterns that have prairie points for a border. This setup would be ideal.

  4. I am intrigued. Looks like a great idea for various projects. I must look into it some more. Thank you

  5. Your review was just fantastic!

  6. Beautiful prarie points. This books certainly looks like it would help make spectacular quilts. Thanks for sharing your inspirational insights.


  7. Very interesting - I've never seen prairie points used like that!

  8. Never heard about prairie points I need to try that one too!It would be amazing to make an advents quilt or a birthday quilt or just any quilt really....

  9. That looks like a great book. I've always loved Prairie Points and the way they look on quitls. I LOVE that picture you showed of the little teddy bears and those points. Super cute.


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