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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Curved Piecing and Fun in Ohio

Many of you will remember my friend Jean Overmeyer and her amazing art quilts.  A group of us have started gathering once a month and are sharing some techniques and skills that with one another.  Last Sunday Jean shared how she does curved piecing. 

Jean pieced each of these fabrics....I think it is amazing because before Sunday the only way I would have thought to achieve this would have been applique.

 The background of this quilt is all curved piecing and this is what Jean wanted us to start with....just a background we could use to start an art quilt with. 
Here is the pattern I created.  The fabrics I choose were not necessarily neutrals....but I didn't stress over the fabrics.  Instead,  I chose to look at this as a learning experience and if I could incorporate a fun applique later....that's be great.  If not....I'd have one cool looking curved wall hanging to practice some free motion quilting on.
I'd like to say I was like some of the other whipper snappers in the group who finished their tops before the end of the class.  I'd also like to say that I finished more than one seam....but I can't.
 I brought mine home and finished it yesterday.  My problem was that I had not trimmed the seam allowance close enough so I had way too much fabric to ease into the curves and I needed to do more pinning.  I really am proud of my curves today.....every pun intended :)

I don't want you thinking it is all work and no play around here.....

 IHAN has Freddy the Flamingo now....he turns up all around the house.  Apparently Freddy likes to sew as well....look at that big beakey grin.

As if curved piecing wasn't enough for one co-workers and I played a nerve racking game of Jenga.
 I won't tell you what happened next....I'll just leave you hanging...LOL.  All I can say is I'm so glad it wasn't my turn again!
Flamingos and'd think we were in the south Nawtherners can do what the Sawtheners do.....we just have to make a few adjustments.



  1. Wow great curves. So that's where the flamingos have flown to!!!! Guess they are looking for some cooler weather, as it was a steamy 78 here yesterday ;-)

  2. OH, Kelly, thank you for starting my morning with a few laughs!! Your curves are gorgeous! thanks for showing them off and keep doin' it, girl! As for your coworkers...I don't know...if there ever was a cuter winter snorkler!

  3. Those curved pieces are truly amazing!!!

    Jenga is so much fun. It is one of our favorites around here.

  4. Jean's work is beautiful... and your curves turned out great! I love it!

    I'm with your co-worker... glad it's not my turn either that game gets tough... LOL at your snorkler... tell the boys hello!

  5. The curves a fabulous! Love them! Looks like Freddy is having lots of fun in your chair! Your co-workers sure look like they are enjoying inside sports!
    Have a fun day!

    1. ooo, wonderfully fun background. You'll have fun thinking what to applique on it. Love that underwater photo!

  6. Oh, no! You have been invaded my the flamigos!!! LOL! Love the curves BTW!!

  7. Looks like your co-workers are keeping you hopping. I do like the fabric in your curved piece. It is very pleasing to the eye.

  8. Love this post - your curved piecing is wonderful, good job Kelly! I LOVE your new flamingo, I can't wait to see what trouble he gets up to around the house! I never liked playing scares me when they topple, lol! Love the snorkeling in the tub, I'll never forget my hubby coming out to the boys' wading pool in full snorkeling they laughed...yes, we do make our own fun!

  9. bathtub snorkling...ummm, maybe my grandson's would like this sport when visiting here (Utah)?

    I LUV the Flamingo FUN!! you are so funny, girl!

    The curved piecing looks VERY interesting...maybe I should try some. =)


  10. Kelly, I enjoy your blog. Your curved piecing is beautiful and your co-workers are cute!

  11. I need to do some practice on curves and I do have a book for that method, just need to read it.


  12. The snorkling picture is priceless :)

  13. Holy schmoly, your curves are COOL!! I did not know you could have curves that lay flat! How do you do that???

    Tell Freddy he'd better tread lightly - he'd make a funny pfa*****t if he stepped (or sat) on a pin!

    Let me know if the snorklers find any sunken treasure!

  14. Your curves are looking "mah va lus' darlin'

  15. Isn't that technique just wonderful! Judy Dales has a book that discusses this technique. It just does wonders for your curves doesn't it. Your's are look just stunning.

  16. Your curves are to die for, how did you get them to lay so flat.


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