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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Progress

Since having set up the small sewing space upstairs I have made some progress.  I know...a big shock.  I finished all the blocks for my Hugs and Kisses Quilt.  Here they are on my design wall....and I numbered them .... that is what the little white stickers are on the blocks.
I'm going to be adding at least one border....and that is as far as I have planned.  If you have any visions or see something you think might look fun added....feel free to leave a comment and tell me.  I'm always open to hearing suggestions, opinions and anything else you want to share :)
February in OH....and I took these two pix yesterday....almost unbelievable!!!
Can you believe it?  These little flowers are about to open.
A little Flamingo update is how they are today :)

And then there is a stray Flamingo peaking in the window....a peeping Flamingo!



  1. No wonderful suggestions here, but I'm looking forward to seeing your borders, etc. as today I've been stitching away on my own Hugs & Kisses, and been debating the border issue as well as backing, quilting thread color, and binding. I'll be watching yours for inspiration! :)

  2. I think your Hugs and Kisses are great...who are you going to bestow your fabric affections on?

    Is that a TOM Flamingo in your window? =P


  3. Your quilt is going to be wonderful and I always enjoy the flamingos.

  4. suggestions here..sorry.. Lovin' the flamingoes!

  5. I just finished 2 H&K's and didn't add a border on either - thought about it but decided against. Love yours - both of mine were baby quilts.

  6. How wonderful it is to see the flowers blooming in Ohio! Michigan can't be too far off.

  7. Your hugs & kisses quilt looks lovely. I definitely want to create a quilt with this pattern too.

    I thought you had a wonderful studio/business setup in your basement, but happy to hear you like your new room setup.

    Fun to see spring arriving in your area. Love those flamingos. I suspect they are looking forward to warm summer days and some time in a pool to do some back strokes.


  8. Your Hugs ans kisses quilt looks so nice!!! It's a great pattern. I love the flamingos, maybe that one wants to quilt,too.

  9. I think the flamingos are just so confused with the weather we are having! It has been so crazy here in central Indiana I have hung clothes on the line 3 times since the first of the year! Love to the quilt!

  10. Great!! We still have a little snow, but not enough for the skiers or snowmobilers..the industry/resorts are really hurting this year. Fun Flamingos!! they make me smile...

  11. I am reather worried about my tulips which are beginning to come up! I fear they will not make it if we have more winter come our way (here in Illinois)! This crazy weather is just no good for these poor unsusspecting plants!!

  12. Kelly your quilt is just gorgeous!!! Good job girl~! I can't believe you have flowers coming That peeping flamingo is too funny!

  13. Love your Hugs and Kisses...I'm sure you will find just the right finish. It's always fun to see what the flamingos are up to! :)

  14. The quilt is lovely and the flamingoes are always a kick!

  15. It looks like you spent a lot of time on that quilt. It is very pretty. We have blooming bulbs here in Texas also. It has been in the 60's lately and the plants think that it is spring.

  16. Yaaay! Looks like the new setup is working! I think the diamonds are a perfect place to put some really pretty quilting runs.....or not. :) I was gonna suggest some embroidery, but I looked closer & found that's where you hid the seams, so embroidery is not the best idea for that....unless you want to do some HAND embroidery???

    Glad to hear you're warming up some - looks like you got that sunshine I sent ya!

    LOVE the flamingoes - especially that nosey one!
    Enjoy your day!

  17. Our neighbor has flamingoes, and one is that skeleton flamingo. too funny!

    You made great progress with the quilt. I can see it!

  18. Hi friend! I heard the class was great:) Nice quilt, I really like:) Can't beleive those flowers, mine too!!! It is just amazing they are ready to bloom. Hope all is good!

  19. What a neat looking design. I think I would make a narrow border out of the really dark fabric is you have any left and then add another wider border of a color you like.

  20. No suggestions here either Kelly, but you have done a WONDERFUL job on your Hugs and Kisses!

    But I am soooo jealous that you are having spring! I want to go outside and play so bad, but the weather is just too iffy here yet. Today is going to be beautiful, high of 72, but I have a stupid Dr's appt. I spent the weekend in the hospital when my BP spiked to 228/118 on Sat. No previous issues with BP either. Hopefully spring will be here soon and my health stabilizes so I can play! Keep up the good work girlfriend! <<>>


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