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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lake House Retreat Feb. 2012

LAKE HOUSE RETREAT FEB 2012 in Short Chapters
Chapter One

MJ and I arrive at the Lake House and get our things was only a short time later that each one of these beautiful faces began arriving.....

 Leona and Donna checking out the free fabric piles....I took 3 boxes of free fabric and I was determined not to bring one piece back home (determination smer--mination....I brought back a box of leftovers...can you believe that?)

 Philly aka Phyllis and Ruby with Bonnie her daughter

MJ succumb to participating in a Pennsylvania Block swap....lets just say MJ's favorite quilting is applique blocks....not pieced blocks.  She was pleasantly surprised how pretty this quilt turned out.  I wish  I had participated....I love those quilts.  No matter how weird the fabric (there is a Halloween spider on orange) the quilt turns out beautiful when the smaller squares are neutral fabrics.  Believe it or not....the neutrals are not even the same fabric....impressive isn't it?
 Couldn't pass up taking a pix of this fun mug caddy.  Kay made one for each of us for Christmas....they are just perfect for travel.
 MJ gave a tutorial a few months back.  She taught the gals to do hand pieced Cathedral Windows and Donna brought hers to work on.  Someone you might know also learned to make Cathedral Windows and you just might see an example in a future post.

Joyce makes fleece hats for the children in the cancer ward at a PA hospital.  They keep the children's heads warm while they are going through their treatments.
 In three days, the gals made a total of 58 hats (not all shown) .....there will be some warm heads in PA :)

Ruby sleeps right next to Philly's body...yep...under the shirt!
 Sometimes a gal just needs a wee bit of a nap....then someone goes and picks on her....who would do that?  Some un-named character just so happened to mention she had not seen a woman Philly's age so pregnant....

Then her restful peace was interrupted with laughter....and there was lots of that this past weekend.

Marge working on a UFO.....all hand quilted.... 

Talk about a treasure.....
 Speaking of treasures.....Kay is hand quilting her Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt....started in 2002.

Stay tuned.....I have an appointment this I'm off...but I'll be back :)



  1. Oh...I'm so-SEW jeeel-us! What fun you had! Well, I am happy for YOU!. Those quilts are a great treasure...not too much or that kind of hand quilting goin' on these days.

    I LUV the mug caddie...dooz youz have zeee padern?


  2. Wonderful, marvelous, fantastic quilts! Some day I WILL hand quilt a whole quilt! Thanks for the inspiration, and the laughs!

  3. That's it. You've just solidified my 5 year plan to open a place where retreats may be held. Done. :)

    Looks like a lovely time and the projects are wonderful!

  4. That scrap quilt of MJ's is my favorite - do you know what size the blocks are? Looks like you had lots of fun!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wonderful inspiration and narrative :) Thank you for sharing.
    I'm new to your blog ~ and am glad I found it.

  7. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Cute pix of the cat under the shirt. Those hand quilted quilts are beautiful. Such a lot of work went into that.

  9. I laughed at the pics of the furbaby... so precious! I love these pics... they show the love, the sisterhood, the mentoring of women who quilt together... Good for the soul!

  10. It looks like everyone is having so much fun! The quilts shown are all gorgeous!!!

  11. Wowee! Whatta talented group! I want to go and just observe!! I love the hats! How cute are those??!! And the quilts are beyond beautiful! I would be happy to make just ONE like that! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. LOVE those fleece hats - for oh-so-many reasons!! Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! Also meant to tell you that I bet you wished you had a big-honkin' truck to carry all your stuff in (and because it would come with the cutest Driver!)!!

    Glad you had so much fun, and thank you for sharing it with all the rest of us! Looking forward to a new tute or 2!

  13. Hey girlfriend, you've reached 1000 followers!!! woo-hoo!!! You go girl!

  14. Wow, what an amazing group of quilts, such gorgeous quilts and beautiful quilting.
    Love those hats, that is such cute idea and so fun for the kids.


  15. Oh my.... what lovely creations. I LOVE the GFG... working on one of my own. Still trying to decide what green path I want to put between my flowers. Does someone own the lake house or is it for rent???? I bet it was peaceful.

  16. Lovely, just lovely, all of them! I was very inspired by the hand-quilted blue and white quilt. I would love to see a cathedral quilt tutorial! I've been thinking of making one for some time now.

  17. What a fun time at Lake House. Love all the pictures.

    Any chance you can write a tutorial for hand piecing the cathedral quilt? I so love this pattern and as I also enjoy hand projects, this could be a great project to take on trips.


  18. Looks like a wonderful time was had by everyone. All those lovely quilts and how nice about the hats for kids.

  19. Oh that looks SO fun!!! I'm in awe of all that hand quilting, so gorgeous - love the quilts - and so many hats, how precious. That is an awesome thing to do!

  20. Lovely quilts. Hope the 'pregnancy' went well. LOL


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