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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mini Sewing Station with Portable Design Wall and Ironing Station

How many times do you think I will run downstairs just to sew for 10-15 minutes?  If you guessed almost are 100% right!!!  What I need is a mini-sewing station all set up with a project so if I have 10 or 15 minutes I can just sew a few blocks.  That is exactly what I've done and I even made myself a portable ironing station and design wall.

I had bought a set of 4 wooden TV trays at a garage sale last year for $5 with the intent on making an ironing station.  I made one for my main sewing area but now I need a portable I got out some Insul-Bright and used some tacks to tack it to the top of the TV tray. 

 I used tacks to put the Insul-Bright so it would be permanent.  I then used a staple gun to cover it with fabric. 
 This way if I get anything yucky on my ironing surface I can change out the fabric and not have to change the Insul-Bright.
One portable ironing station at your service :)

What about a design wall that is lightweight and portable?  I got this tip from Lois while I was at the Lake House Retreat.  I took my 72 x 72 Quilt Wall and used some pant hangers to make my own lightweight portable design wall. 

 In order to be able to hang it anywhere I needed some 3 M Command Strips....good thing I keep a supply of those around :)
 I like Command Strips because when I pull on the tab....the white part I have my thumb is removed from the wall and it doesn't leave a mark.  No one ever knows it was there.
I can take the design wall anywhere with me ....just fold it up and it's good to go.

I couldn't resist putting up my Valentine Wall hanging....just for the pix....but you can also see that I put some vintage blocks I have on the holds the blocks without using pins. 

Now when I have a few minutes, I have this nice little sewing table in my front room so I can just sew a few blocks while I'm waiting for the school bus.  I bet I get this quilt done a whole lot faster than I would have otherwise.

That's what I'm up to...what are you up to?


  1. Wow girl, that is so creative!! Great idea.

  2. Great idea using the TV table for an ironing surface. And, if I were you,--or actually if I were me, since I am always filling up my two working walls-- I would buy a second Quilt Wall to hang over the first for the times when you fill that one up.

  3. Very clever! Another way to make a design wall is to use a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth - you can find them really cheap and the quilt blocks stick to the flannel perfectly! I paid $4 for mine and have been using it for years.

  4. Hi Kelly,
    Where did you get the skinny table your sewing machine sitting on? You selling it?

  5. Great ideas. Thanks Kelly.

    Quite funny though, as I had a set of those tv tables exactly like what you bought for $5. Great re-purpose to make them into mini-ironing stations.

    Do you know if those 3M hanging strips can be repositioned or once you put them up on a wall that is it?


  6. Love these ideas!! Yes, I bet you get done quicker too, you're such a smarty!

  7. Very nice idea. I like your set up. Thanks.

  8. Cool post. I see these TV trays at yard sales all the time! they'd make great gifts for my quilting friends!

  9. What am I up to?!? Finishing those pesky UFOs that have been piling up for YEARS! They deserve love too, and I resolve to finish them in 2012.....

  10. Great ideas! I'm going to hang my design wall that way. I've been meaning to make the ironing station like you have but it's one of those things that never gets done. I've seen others take them to retreats also.

  11. Very clever lady, you are! That'll work in a house, but can't you just hear Driver's reaction to that up in the camper? HAHAHAHA!! He'd have a cow! Happy Heart Day my friend!!

  12. Great ideas, you have created a very workable space.

  13. Awesome ideas! Looks like I'll be able to sew this summer after all!


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