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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Specials at IHAN Extended

After reading this comment, I've decided to continue the IHAN Valentine Specials so everyone can have an opportunity to participate :) 

Just in case you missed these yesterday, here they are :

Teal Me Away Machine Tote is 50% off
Regularly 129.00 Today Only 59.99
Click here to see the review and Here to Purchase

Other Valentine Specials

25% off ALL Aurifil Thread

25% off ALL  Floriani Thread

The specials will end at Midnight March 1, 2012.

My Valentine wish for each of you.....

for each of you to look into the mirror at some point today and say I love are are lovable....and you deserve to be loved.



  1. Thank you for extending the sale. I am not as pitiful as the teacher in AL, but I am on a budget and need some more time. I do plan to get one. Robin

  2. You are so generous to us! Thanks for all you do!

  3. That tote is so cute. I love the color.

  4. If I ever went anywhere with my machine, that is surely the tote I'd buy, and you're the seller I'd buy it from!! What a TEAL (hee hee, every time I read that I think about the Unique Rabbit joke!! What's that, you've never heard that one??? How do you catch a unique rabbit?? Why, you neek up on him, of course! OK, OK, so ya had to be there I guess) you're offering, and in TEAL, my very favorite color. I hope you have plenty, 'cuz I know your readers'll be flocking to get 'em!!


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