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Monday, July 30, 2012

More about the Candice Purse (Lazy Girl Designs)

This morning I transferred all my necessaries to my new purse and I discovered something I didn't realize until I used it.....keep reading :)

If you have not read my post from here...and you'll be caught up to speed.

Now everyone knows what I'm referring to :)  Yes, I made this purse using the Candice Purse Pattern and I was able to make the purse without frustrations because of the excellently written instructions and photos.  The pattern had no errors and it was written for those who like written instructions as well as those who prefer photos.

Today I left the house to take the boys to Legos Camp and that is when I became aware of a very important feature ....the angled front pocket.

No more fishing around for my keys.  I have made many purses and they've all had pockets...inside and out....but none of them made it so easy to find my keys.  I carry my purse on my left arm so I easily slide my right hand into the pocket and yep....keys without frustration.  The pocket is actually large enough to put my I-Phone in as well.  I made a pocket inside my purse for my I-Phone so I probably won't make a habit of putting it in the pocket....but I could :)

See how tidy the inside of my purse huge mess....and lots of nice pockets.  The pattern provides choices for your pocket construction so you can put an e-reader or i-pad in your purse if you like.

You know I'm in love with this purse!!  I could even make an angled pocket on the back if I wanted to....oh just think of the possibilities :)  That is another thing I really like about the Lazy Girl Designs Patterns....Joan writes her patterns so you can use them as a jumping off point.  You can individualize your purse using your own creativity.  I can now use the purse pattern and change things around ....add a zipper (instructions included in the pattern), make pleated pockets, pre-quilt my fabric or add embellishments.  

I gave this pattern a 4 star rating and Joan asked me what the scale was for the rating.  Good question Joan.  Honestly, I had not really thought about me it was a top rating.  Since giving it some thought, I'm changing my rating to a 5 STAR and I'm going to be adding that system to the IHAN website.  That way I can put my ratings right next to products and you can later read more about how I came to that rating.  Thanks Joan for the inspiration!

5 STARS....why?  Clearly written instructions.   Excellent photos for visual learners.  No errors in the pattern.  Several options provided: pocket variations, zipper or no zipper options and rectangle ring options as well.  

Now I'm working on getting someone to make a graphic for me so I can add the 5 star rating system to my website....look for it soon.



  1. Lazy Girl has some of the most wonderful purse patterns in the world. Very simple to make and your "I can do that" makes all the difference!

  2. it's a good-looking purse... and you know how us ladies love our purses...

  3. I agree, I totally love working with Joan's patterns (and I have a 'few'). Thank you for the wonderful review and thank Joan for the wonderful patterns!

  4. That looks like a great purse!

  5. Hi Kelly! I linked to your blog from Lazy Girl Designs fb page. Thanks for the review of the candice pattern. I have everything I need to make one, just have to finish a couple of other small projects first. So I was glad to read about your experience with the pattern. I have made a few of Joan's smaller projects from her patterns and a Claire (I think that's the name of it) bag for a friend and have found her patterns to be exactly as you stated--clearly written and very easy to follow. I think she is quite possibly a genius.

  6. I'm biased - because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Joan's patterns - hers were my first foray into purse making, and when I picked up someone else's pattern after making so many Lazy Girl patterns, I was perplexed at how I was supposed to understand how to make it WITHOUT all the wonderful step by steps. And so easy to modify once you get going - it's a great starting point!!!

  7. I like that it has a dedicated place for your e reader and iphone and keys. All things that get lost in my current purse.

  8. Gotta love a pattern with lots of pockets....I usually end up adding pockets to bags I make. LOL

  9. Love that pocket. I don't have this pattern but I'm putting it on my list!

  10. Thanks for the great review! I'm thinking of making this purse, and might enter it in the PatternReview Handbag contest.


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