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Friday, September 28, 2012

Anyone need a few hundred coin purse frames?

 I actually put my co-workers to work at IHAN ®.  With all the Coin Purse Frames I had to order for the "U R Priceless Blog Hop" I needed help wrapping all those babies.

While Aaron was working on his homework, Zach and I wrapped over 200 Coin Purse Frames.  Why he felt the need for those "safety" beyond me.  LOL

We had to be sure there were enough frames for all who wanted to join in the "UR Priceless Blog Hop" as well as those who got hooked and could not stop...LOL.  

I've made a few of the coin purses already and they are pretty quick and fun.  Today I'm going to do some Machine Embroidery and make one.....I hope it turns out well.  I think they will make wonderful teacher gifts as well as for other gals in my life.

Those participating in the "UR Priceless Blog Hop" ,  have been provided with a pattern and tutorial. 
For the rest of you who are not participating or you would like to see other patterns and tutorials, I posted a few good tutorials I found on the web. 

I have several other versions of Sew In Snap Frames on the way for the holiday gift making season.   The good news is, I've added a discount ...the more you buy...the more you save.  I figured this would be good for those who want to make them for the holidays, birthdays, Thank You gifts.....and on and on.  I know many gals who get hooked on something and make several.

On the Flamingo Front:

 Apparently that's what is on the agenda this weekend for the Flamingo Flock.  Next weekend we are supposed to be the "Turkeys" camping early October, with the Cub Scouts.
I just hope we are this cozy!

Speaking of Fall....look at this beautiful sunflower....I took this photo a few weeks ago just before a class to make some Wool Felted Pumpkins.
My girlfriend, Diane, had previously ordered some Wool Felting kits from the gals at Back to Back Alpaca.  She was thrilled with the price and the quality of the kits she ordered.  Diane suggested a group of us get together and do a Felted Wool know I was game :)

Waldo was up for some fun was my youngest co-worker, Zach.
 He really enjoyed being able to "poke, poke, poke, poke, poke....." the felted wool.  Something about that repetitive activity had his attention the entire time.

Take a look at  some of the Felted Wool Pumpkins that were made that day from the kits we ordered from

This one is mine.  I didn't think it turned out so bad considering it was my first time.

Some gals didn't care for the faces so they enjoyed making the Felted Wool Pumpkin Sans the Face :)
This can be used all the way through Thanksgiving too.

Now I'm off to sew!

Big Ole Happy Smiles,


  1. What a fun post it all, the pumpkins are adorable as well as your co workers....

  2. :-)
    sloth day here in WA.
    Love your pumpkins.

  3. These little coin purses look so cute, but challenging for me :-(

  4. I have to go and check out those purses...I'm sure they are cute as can be! Love the pumpkins as well.

  5. What a fun post. Zach looks like a great helper. And, those pumpkins are so cute. Having fun Turkey Camping!


  6. Great post Kelly! How good it is to have such a helpful co-worker. That kid has the greatest smile!
    Love the pumpkins....and the flamingos....

  7. Those little elves did an awesome job of packing my frames!!! LOVE the pumpkins!

  8. Geeze, I almost missed the flamingo's campout! LOL LOVE the felted pumpkins. The ones with faces are fun and reminded me of faces made with old (or new) pantyhose. But I love the faceless pumpkin best!


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