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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hoffman Fabrics "Sushi Roll" Winners Announced

How about this photo to put some pizazz, zip, punch and pow into your day? 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to leave a comment as I so enjoyed reading them.  Now I feel like I had a few hundred friends there with me for the tour...that's fun.

The "Sushi Rolls" (given their name by SewCalGal....she's so smart :) are made from the samples from Hoffman Fabrics.  I'm not much of a seafood fan....but I'm telling you this is one "Sushi Roll" that I'd jump over a hurdle for.

As promised, today the winners of the Hoffman Fabric "Sushi Rolls" are being announced.  If you are one of the winners, you have one week to e-mail me at with your full name and shipping address.  If you don't claim it....I choose another winner.

Congratulations Brita!

Congratulations Debbie!

Congratulations LesQuilts!

Congratulations ANudge!

Congratulations TheMuddlePuddle!

I'll be sad to see those beautiful rolls of Hoffman Fabric leaving my desk....AND....I'll be tickled to see what people make with them.

Since each of the fabrics are different in the "Sushi Roll" they are really nice for making some fun gifts.  How about making some of MJE's Bag Tags?  The tutorial is right on the side bar of my blog.  Those always make lovely gifts.  Bag Tags are great not only for luggage....they are great when you need to label to any personal belongings.  I keep on on my computer bag ....just in case :)

Do you have a tutorial that you have written that you would like me to add to the IHAN ® blog?  Feel free to e-mail me at  :)

OH Yes...I almost forgot....the Flamingo Flock Fan Club probably want to see what they are up to here's your fix:
When I stopped to take the photo I was first I thought the Flamingo had been hit by a car.  Then I noticed the car is up on blocks and that's the mechanic working on the car (I can be a bit slow sometimes :)
Who would have known Flamingos were so handy?  I do need my oil changed....think I should pull up on their lawn?

Just in case you have been out of town and are not caught up with the latest on the Flamingos......
1.  They are not my Flamingos
2.  The folks who own the Flamingos have given me permission to post their address for those of you who would like to send some Flamingo Fan Mail.  You will have to GO HERE and then click on the link that says "CLICK HERE" to get the address.  I know it is a bit hidden but I thought it best to not put their address on my blog post.  I have heard of Flamingo-Nappings and I would be very sad if they went missing.



  1. Loving the flamingo flock.... HUGE congrats to the winners!

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    Love seeing what the flamingos are up to, lol.
    On the news they said someone stole of flock of them, then sent one back with a ransom note.


  3. The flamingos are really funny! kudos to the owner for having such a great sense of humour.

    Congratulations to the lucky winners!!! Thank you for running the competition and giving everyone a chance :)

  4. congrats to the winners.
    too bad the flamingos have car trouble. I hate car troubles.

  5. congrats to all the winners! You know that I think "batik=fun!"

  6. Congrats to the winners!! Can't wait to see what they make! Oh those flamingos are incredibly talented, aren't they??

  7. Congratulations to all the lucky winners.

    I'm now wondering if I can hire those talented flamingos to come do some repairs around my home. I also think my car needs an oil change.

    Thanks for entertaining and inspiring us Kelly.


  8. Ooo, thank you, Kelly! Can't wait to see the sushi roll! Those flamingos are so much fun. Sending you my address via email.

  9. Oh darn, I didn't win! Congrats to the others that did though. I wonder what the flamingos charge for an oil change. My vehicle needs one too.

  10. Thank you, so much, Kelly! Here's a blog I wrote about the yummy stuff you sent:


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