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Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Putting Out An APB on my Dovo Solingen Scissors

Do you remember that song...I'm putting out an APB on the one I love?  I need an APB on my Dovo Scissors.  I've misplaced them and it has plagued me for 3 days now.   You know this pair of scissors rival all others if I refuse to cut without them.  I"m not typically that fussy but I'm telling you there is a HUGE difference.

I just so happen to have this Bandana Panel from Michael Miller Fabrics and I want to cut out the center medallion.   Why you ask?
Because I found this small quilt at a thrift shop for 3 dollars.  It doesn't have any backing so I thought I would give it some pizazz and then donate it at my guild meeting.  The colors are fun and bright but the center looks like it is begging for something.  I dug in my stash and found the Michael Miller Bandana Panel...and BINGO....the colors match very well.

Most folks I know would have cut a circle around it and stitched it down.  Why on earth do I think it needs to be fussy cut?  I don't know either!

The only way I know of to fussy cut around the design resulting in smooth lines is to use my Dovo Hardanger Scissors...BUT...I can't find them : (  
Check out the point on these beauties.  IHAN® carried some Dovo Solingen Scissors but I didn't sell very many.  I think it was the expense....these are very high end scissors.  This pair will set you back approximately 55 dollars.  Yep, I know they are expensive but I'm telling you they are worth every cent. 

Do you have a pair of scissors that do for you what no other pair do?  I'd love to hear about them.  Please leave a comment below as I must know that I'm not alone here :)

I may consider picking up several of Hardanger Scissors if there are others who want to experience the Dovo difference let me know and maybe IHAN® will start caryrying them again.

 This is for the Flamingo Flock Fan Club Members...LOL

It appears their Flamingo-mobile  is back in operating order....such good news ay?



  1. I love my Kai scissors. Once I left them (Yes) at a workshop at a big show. Fortunately the instructor picked them up, (along with my seam ripper) and I was able to contact her through her website. She kindly mailed them back to me, and I am sooo happy to have them!

  2. I hear you, i have a pair of dovo, i did lose a pair , now,have a i get it...they are amazing...worth every to find a good seam ripper lol

  3. I LOVE those bright purple and green ones that I bought from you a while back!! I can always find them, never had an "expensive" pair so I don't know what I'm missing.

    BUT I'm telling you those purple and green ones are wonderful!!!

  4. Can't say that I have a favorite pair of scissors. Whatever is handy and around ;-) Are you sure those Flamingos did not send someone around to snatch those expensive scissors? Kind of makes you wonder..........

  5. Maybe the Flamingos have them in their tool box?


  6. I have never had expensive fabric scissors. I have a pair of Westcott embroidery scissors that I use all the time.
    I have had a pair of expensive hair cutting scissors and the difference was amazing.

  7. I've never in my life had a really good pair of scissors. If you get them again, maybe I can put them on my Christmas list. I just keep replacing my scissors when they get dull. They aren't even worth having sharpened again.
    I hope you find yours!

  8. the flamingos are too cool!
    I love my kai pointed tip scissors for clipping machine embroidery threads and for applique. I would be lost without them.

  9. I have Homeij Velvet scissors....I use it for all cutting around here! They have a rubber grip, so no more sore hands after cutting loads! I love them and yes, I am lost without my scissors too. That's why I always buy them in pairs.....

  10. Once you find them (and I'm sure you will - have you looked under custhions?) - put a GPS on them with a beeper that you can hit to let you know where they are. All kidding aside, hope you find them.

  11. I have so many pairs of scissors that are vital for certain jobs. Isn't it funny how one pair does not work for everything? LOL

    Did you see where those 40 some odd plastic flamingoes were kidnapped and being held for randsom? I immediately thought about you.

  12. That BEGGED to be fussy cut, Kelly, I hope you do find your scissors!!

  13. Oh my, I know how much you love those Dovo scissors. Keep looking. It's under something.

  14. Check the flamingo's workbench - I used to find my scissors on our workbenches, back b4 Driver knew how much they cost to replace!

    Would you believe that my favorites for cutting paper, batting & insulbright are the Dollar Store scissors - and when they finally do get dull, I don't feel bad about tossing them and getting another!

  15. I hope they turned up. And glad to see the flamingo-mobile is back running.

  16. You know Im a stork gal! My mother was a seamstress andshe believed whole heartedly in her Ginghers! I have a pair of dressmaker and two pairs of storks! (One pair was my Mothers but SSSHHHHH do not tell my sister I have them!)

  17. Darn! I had been happy with my three pairs of Ginghers. Then, I picked up a quick pair of Singer scissors to use when hand quilting and really liked them (because they were cheap for traveling). Now, you have me wanting something I didn't know about until this morning. Imagine finding someone with an online quilt shop in my own hometown!

  18. What a bargain!!!

    Those flamingos....always brings a smile!

  19. Thanks Kelly.... I think I will try for a DC museum. DH has offered to stay home with the dogs!!!! Wouldn't be a big deal -but we are living in a hotel....

  20. I had a scissors Solingen, who disappeared like yours. To this day I miss her, because I could never find someone to do for me what she did. Are incomparable.
    Try to remember the last time you used it.
    The flamingos are adorable.

  21. great idea to add that to the center of the quilt. It will make a nice donation quilt.
    I do have my favorite scissors for different jobs. I have a pair of Clover serrated edge scissors that I would have used to cut that piece out. They are great to cut little applique pieces.


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