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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hoffman California Fabrics Tour Chapter 1

I hope many of you are still with me on my Southern California journey. In THIS post, I asked if you knew who the man in the photo was..

Rube Hoffman, Founder of Hoffman California Fabrics

Had I not been there I would not have know don't feel bad if you didn't know either.  Most all of us know about Hoffman Fabrics and that is really why I went to see all the fabrics :)  I owe the honor of this trip to SewCalGal as she arranged for us to meet with Michelle Flores there at Hoffman. .

 I remember when I first became aware of Hoffman Fabrics.  It was at  Needles Quilt Shop  in Wellsboro, PA.  They carry Hoffman Batiks....I drooled over their selection every time I went in...and still do :) 

Someone pinch me....I'm standing in the lobby of Hoffman California Fabrics.  The first thing that grabbed my eye...honestly....was not this amazing shark and surf was this:

This Needlebox from Needleboxes Etc.  was sitting on the counter just inside the door.  I've met the Gals from Needleboxes Etc at Quilt Market and I just love their Needleboxes.  One made with Hoffman you know why I didn't notice the shark first!
Right next to the Needlebox were all these Bali Pops.  My heart almost stopped....right there in the lobby.  I tried so hard to compose myself and behave like a respectable took everything I had but I think I pulled it off. 
Michelle gave us a tour of the front offices and these are some of the quilts they have displayed.
This one really grabbed me....I took some close ups and they are aren't they?

What fun....and this little dog cracked me up. He looks like a beach dog ready to play in the sand.

The collages below are not scrapbook pages made from paper...they are done in fabric.  I really thought they were neat and they also hang in the lobby area at Hoffman Fabrics.
 If you would like to read more about Rube and his sons, Walter and Phillip you can click here, here, and here.  I had a great time reading the aforementioned articles about the Hoffman Family.
More beautiful quilts....not that my photography was all that beautiful...sorry...I brought my "real" camera and left the battery an hour away.

Chapter 2 coming soon....the Hoffman California Fabrics Warehouse ....prepare yourself.  If  you take heart sure to have it near while you are reading the next post..


  1. Ahh. Such a nice tribute to Rube. There are so many quilters that simply wouldn't be quilting today, had he not started Hoffman Fabrics.

    Great post Kelly! I'm so happy we could tour Hoffman together, thanks to Michelle!


  2. Wow, I wonder what it's like to be surrounded with beautiful quilts and fabric where you work.

  3. Hey isn't that who I guessed that was??? I did a search for pictures and found LOTS of pictures of Phillip, but none of Rube. But I thought I saw a resemblance.

    I hope you carried a big purse and stuffed it full!

  4. great tour. My hubby would love that surfboard.

  5. my my...I do believe I would have had a stroke...then I'd have been jailed for stroking all the pretty fabric! How in the world did you EVER get back home? Geesh, I think I'da been stuck there forever and ever!

  6. WOW!! FABULOUS POST!!!! thanks for the insight to the Hoffman world!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their lines!!!

  7. I was so wrong. I though he looked like the guy from Shawshank Redemption the guy who was the warden! Bwahahaha! I love that movie! Might jusst have to watch it today!


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