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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Few Vendors at the American Sewing Expo

I had the pleasure of meeting Cristy Fincher of Purple Daisies Machine Embroidery.
I have done some Free Motion Quilting but in order for me to gain any real skills, I need to practice.  At this time in my life, two little boys, a family, a business...etc....I think I'm going to let my Embroidery Machine make me look better at quilting than I really am :) 
Will you just look at all these Quilting Designs for your Embroidery Machine? 

I can see this in a center block of a qiult or in the corners at an angle...these are just beautiful.
I think I'm going to have to check into carrying the Designs that Purple Daisy offers.  What do you think?  Would you be interested in using Quilting Designs in your Embroidery Machine?

Cristy also demonstrated the Quilt Halo.  As you can see Cristy has the Quilt Halo stacked 2 high.  I asked her why and she said when you get a lot of batting and fabric under your machine, the added weight helps keep your fabric smooth.  Some people use three .....I thought that was very interesting indeed. 

The very minute I walked up to this booth....I knew they were some very smart people.  No clue as to what they do or why they were there, but I saw 3 Reliable V50's set up and going....they had to KNOW what they were doing!  LOL

I learned they were making clothing for women who are returning to the work force.  Using only the Very Best Irons for their gifts to other women....I love it :)

I stopped to meet Sandra Chandler from Just Curves.  She invented the Curve Master Presser Foot. I had  heard very impressive reviews but this was my first time witnessing Sandra actually using the Curve Master Foot.
I started taking photos and then I wished I had my video turned on.  She told me she has a YouTube Video so I embedded it below.  I have a Drunkards Path quilt that I made and I did it without the Curve Master Foot....well ...that won't ever happen again!

If you already have a Curve Master Foot, I want to hear about your experience.  I'll have one of my own soon enough :)

More vendors coming soon!



  1. I'd love to use my embroidery machine do my quilting. My issue is that my machine has a size limit. I priced an "affordable" machine by a well known manufacturer the other day and it was waaay out of my league price wise. ($8-9K was considered "affordable).

    I have a curvemaster foot. I've played with it. but never did anything serious with it. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend.

  2. I have a Curve Master Foot and I love it. Nothing out there could accomplish making a curve like that. I have had minds for over 6 years and it makes drunkers path block so easy to do. I have showed it on my blog several times along with the video.

  3. I love it when I can get the machine to make me look good! Those quilt runs are pretty cool but that curvemaster foot makes it look EASY! I'm guessing you could do all different sizes? I'm wondering if you could use it for princess seams (in a blouse or dress) too??

    I usually end up with itty bitty puckers and that foot looks like it solves that problem! thanks for sharing those 2 with us!

  4. I am going to attempt the quilting with embroidery in the next couple of weeks. I will probably be blogging about it.
    I am really curious about the Quilt Halo. I would love to try it, but not sure I want to buy it just to find out. LOL

    I have the curvemaster foot and only used it for one project. I need to use it some more.

  5. Don't have a curve-master foot, but my V50 iron is still going strong! Love it!
    And the quilt halo is great - I use mine alot!

  6. What a fun time. I do like the ME Designs that Purple Daisy, but haven't yet had a chance to stitch them out. Have enjoyed doing ME of FMQ motifs on quilts and then adding more FMQ around them (or not), as well as stitching these ME designs out on bags, towels, etc..

    The quilt halo is also a great tool for those doing FMQ, especially when they are new and trying to learn good hand habits.


  7. I saw a video for this a few months back and want to make a drunkards path! I think I needs to invest in this! :o)

  8. I am trying to use the curve master foot on a 3-1/2 inch Drunkards path block and so far it has been hit or miss, mostly miss. My top piece always comes out bigger and sticks out past the bottom piece by a 1/4 inch. The bottom piece seems to shrink by a hair. I think the bigger the block, the easier it my be. So far I seem to get better results with my hands crossed and I hold the bottom piece with my left hand and the top piece with my right hand, as demonstrated by Sew kind of Wonderful. I've tried lowering my stitch length. It may be my machine needs a tune up or most probable user error.


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