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Monday, October 22, 2012

Vikki Pignatelli Workshop- Follow Up Post

Follow up post from the Vikki Pignatelli Lecture and Trunkshow.

I'm back to finish my post about Vikki Pignatelli's visit to the BSQG on the 13th and 14th of October.  The morning of the 14th many of us from the BSQG joined Vikki for a workshop. 

(I blocked the faces since I didn't get each person's permission for the photo....your vision is fine :)

The morning was a lecture/ demo  format to explain some of her techniques and methods.
The class was offered a choice of 4 patterns to choose from.  The project was small enough to finish the front  in class and we were able to use what we were taught in the morning lecture.  Vikki came around to help or coach anyone who requested her assistance.

 In the afternoon, we learned about a variety of options for borders and finishing techniques. 

This was is my project.  I had a great time and was captivated by everything Vikki showed us.  I loved the freedom I felt and the variety of options she offered.

I changed some of the fabrics once I got home and began trying out some embellishments.  I'm going to do some trapunto and add some more embellishments....the ones above are just laid on to preview them....I like things to incubate before deciding how to finish my projects.
Jean O. also attended the class and she has finished her piece.  I love Jean's work and I'm always inspired by what ever she brings to show us.
Jean's quilting is absolutely beautiful isn't it?  Look how it adds interest and depth to her piece.
We learned about fabric manipulation in Vikki's class and Jean chose to manipulate the yellow fabric.  She said once she got home all she could see was a "corn stalk."  After adding some beautiful thread painting, that yellow fabric now looks like a lovely three dimensional flower.  Way to go Jean!!!

If you guild is looking for an amazing teacher and excellent workshop....look no further than Vikki Pignatelli.
So many of the gals who attended continue to comment on what an excellent lecture and workshop Vikki provided.  It was said that she is one of those teachers who doesn't hold back her knowledge...she is open and shares it all.  

All of Vikki's books and DVD are available from Vikki on her website, just click here if you too were intrigued and enjoyed seeing Vikki's work.



  1. That is the kind of teacher who deserves the title Teacher!

  2. Jean knocked that quilt outta the park!

  3. beautiful! love the results! Show us more, Kelly...!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Kelly! I agree that Vikki was a fantastic teacher! I enjoyed her class so much!! What a fun day. I hope you have a great time at Market.


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