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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm not looking for anyone to take sides here....I'm just reporting what I see from my small  town perspective.
Based on what I saw earlier today sure looks like Flamingo Romney has his neck stretched out quite far....not quite at the podium.  His Secret Service Flamingos don't really look the part....I wonder how much training they've actually had?  Do the people who are running for office get the same quality Secret Service Staff as the sitting President?  Hm...first time I ever wondered that.
Then I see the Obama/Biden folks.  They look cool, calm and relaxed.  Their Secret Service Staff are wearing  their dark sun glasses....they look "professional" for sure!
Notice how the experience of being the president allows Flamingo Obama to stand relaxed at the podium and speaking directly into the microphone? 
Here's a close up for you.  I would have to say.......from this perspective..... the Flamingo Obama looks very prepared and confident.......
and the sitting President certainly must get the best and most well prepared Secret Service Staff.  Only rookies would leave their Government Issue "Tough Guy" sunglasses in their car.

Please keep in mind, this is only what I saw this afternoon.....things change....I'm not responsible for the Presidential Flamingo Debate....I just tell it as I see it here in Perrysburg, OH.



  1. Love the professional demeanor of those potus secret service flamingos!

  2. Glad to finally have a reporter give us the facts (and back them up with pictures) Can't imagine all the politics going on with you being in Ohio, but happy to see the flamingos are in the swing of things! :)

  3. i am sitting here waiting for my flight...and I am listening about the debates..when you just brought out a chuckle around me...I showed it to those I was sitting with...thanks for the Flamingo perspective...

  4. hahaha.....and here all along I thought they were clowns! I'm not sure I'll be able to watch the last debate without picturing this sight! LOL

  5. Oh my - this is so funny! And so darn cute! I only wish a had a flock of flamingo to set out too.

  6. Chuckle, chuckle. Since I really hate politics and avoid it at all costs at least I can enjoy this bit of it.

  7. Hummmmm

    those people have some since of Humor!

  8. I think the Flamingos are well-prepared for the big debates; I wonder where mortals can find those cool sunglasses:-D

  9. I'm doing the Flamingo Chuckle. Too cute.


  10. We should have known that the flamingoes would jump into the debates, especially there in Ohio. I wonder if the Romney flamingo will have binders soon?

  11. That right there has to be the best thing to come out of election! Just saying! LOL I wonder how much guffaw they catch for having BOTH signs in front of their house! That in. Itself is kinda funny!


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