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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Off to Quilt Market in Houston Tomorrow

While I'm packing feverishly ....not only orders but my suitcase....what do you think those Flamingos are doing?

Some were playing in the leaves while others.....
appeared to be having fun and games....for Halloween perhaps?
Must be...preparing for Halloween.
Dressed in costumes?  Yes...apparently....they are ready to go :)
A witch and a pumpkin....what next?
Oh...yes...then there was a Skeleton Flamingo!  While I'm out of town who is going to be keeping their eyes on those Flamingos for me?  Guess I'll have to ask around.

I'm so excited...and not because I'm leaving for Houston tomorrow....look what I made yesterday:
and I did it all by myself :)  Very little instruction and no thread first ME applique.  The design is an Anita Goodesign bonus for those who sign up for their Clubs before the end of November.    I was so tickled I could hardly believe how nice it turned out....even without any help with fabric or thread colors. 

I know all the Anita Goodesigns are not loaded to the website yet...what's a woman to do?  Stay home from Market?  Nope...not this one anyway.  I'll keep working on it....but sometimes ya just have to go with the flow.

I still check my e-mail and I'm available by I'm not really going all that far :)



  1. Your quilt is beautiful, would like to try things like that.
    I hope you have a wonderful time at the show and take lots of photos of you harassing the vendors, lol.


  2. Love the flamingos--they seem to be in the spirit of the holiday with all it's wild antics. Your Orca applique is just magnificent; I can't believe you did that in a day. Have fun in Houston and take lots of photos. XOXO

  3. I'm surprised you found time to post before you departed for Quilt Market. Great post. Love those Flamingos. They are certainly getting into the spirit of Halloween (and Holidays).

    Have fun at Quilt Market. I look forward to your report.


  4. I am jealous...absolutely green with envy! I sure wish I was going to Houston! (Have a great time!)

  5. Love the update on those flamingos! Great job on your ME appliqué! Have a super time at Market.

  6. Love the flamingos! your whales are beautiful! have fun at market! Bring back lots of cool stuff!

  7. have fun at market. looks like the flamingos are!
    great job on the whales.

  8. LOVE the whales! One of these days I'll see those in person. I hear there's a pod of orcas near us. Get lots of good blog fodder from market (the positive kind). I can't wait to see what you experiences!

    Sending you travel mercies and wishes for some fun and friends!


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