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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vikki Pignatelli Lecture and Trunk Show at the BSQG


Vikki Pignatelli came to the  Black Swamp Quilt Guild this past Friday and I'm telling you it was fabulous.  The lecture and the trunk-show provided a  very inspiring. evening.  

“Nurturing Your Creative Spirit: Personal Traits That Inspire Great Quilts” was the title of Vikki's lecture and it was based on her new book "Nurture Your Creative Spirit-Wisdom and Insight Learned Through the Art of Quilting."
Vikki has self-published her amazing book and if you would like a copy or to read more about it  you can CLICK HERE.

After Vikki's lecture, she shared her first quilt with us.
She  begrudgingly agreeing to attend a beginners quilt class in 1991 with her sister.  Vikki didn't have a background in sewing and wasn't given all the "rules of the quilt police."    Since that class, she has taken a  first place award in Art Large for Portrait of my Soul at the International Quilt Festival at Houston and Best Color and Design for Passages of the Spirit in the 2002 NQA annual show. 

Get come the photos :)
"As an artist, you should not limit yourself with self-imposed boundaries" ...Vikki Pignatelli

This one took my breath away.  Vikki said that other than the spirits, the rest was all put together improvisationally.  After I took her workshop, I could understand better how that all came together.  Before I had learned about her techniques for quilting curves, I would have found it almost impossible to think I could approximate anything of such interest improvisationally.    
I wish all of you could have been sitting with us that evening and listening to Vikki talk about how she was inspired to make "Passages of the Spirit".


Many of us marveled over this quilt.  From a distance is is amazing and captivating.  It's beauty goes deeper and deeper the closer you get to the quilt.  I can't even remember how many layers of sheer polyester Vikki said she layered to create the colors of the sky. 
 Look closely at the same piece, "Against All Odds".  Vikki has felted a variety of textiles including silk, silk roving, wool, cheese cloth, sheer polyester, cotton.....(don't quote me because I'm going from memory here) to create the texture and depth in the details of her tree.
 The richness just gives me tingles.
Just look at the colors added to the trunk of the tree.  Now, scroll back up and just look at "Against All Odds" pictured above.  You would not have guessed it had such delicious elements would you?   Mind least for me :)

I think that is all I will share today.  I'll share more of her work and about the workshop.  Between Waldo and I we bought all 3 books and Vikki's DVD.  We didn't want to miss a thing!

Smiles of Appreciation,


  1. Wow. That "Passages of the Spirit" just takes your breath away. I imagine that it was all the more breathtaking in person.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous stuff--I can't even imagine making things like that! (I did make the same quilt as her first quilt though--that's more my speed!)

  3. I love art quilts and these are just magnificent! Thank you for sharing them for those of us who couldn't be there in person:-)

  4. I met her at IQF in Cincinnati in 2011. She is awesome and so inspiring. What I love best is her love to share her art. Oh I wish I were there to hear her talk.

  5. Her work is simply stunning....


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