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Monday, August 31, 2009


Checker 61st Anniversary Open House Chapter 5

This is Jen Barlett from Accuquilt was at Checker's Open House. She demonstrated how to use the Accuquilt Go and answered questions.
You can put up to 6 layers of 100% cotton fabric onto the die to cut your shapes all at one time. To see the video of how it works click here.

Here are 6 circles Jen made. When Jen was demonstrating I noticed the handle looked tight to turn. I asked if I could try turning the handle to see for myself how difficult it was to turn. It was tight and I had to put forth some effort. I was cutting through 6 layers of fabric so it would be tighter to turn than just one layer.

I asked Jen if she has wrist problems and she said no. I don't have wrist problems either. I wanted to see someone with wrist problems turn the handle and tell me what their experience was. I asked several people if they had wrist problems and Mick Miller, Patches of Sunshine, happened to be standing near. He said he has had carpel tunnel syndrome and he has not had one problem with his Accuquilt machine. He explained it is the way the wrist works that his motion is easier than using a rotary cutter. I know many people have difficulty using a rotary cutter due to disabilities and injuries and I can see how helpful this may be for them as well.

I think this is a great tool if you want to make lots of cuts at one time. There are several dies to choose from. The most popular is the 2 inch strip. You can click on their link to see all the dies available. Just by chance, IHAN also carries the Accuquilt Go....hop right over HERE and get yourself a dozen...they would make great gifts...after all I offer Free Shipping!!!

I have heard some folks complain about the Accuquilt Go and it's accuracy when cutting. I asked Jen what she had to say about those comments. She said it does depend on the warp and weft of the fabric. They offer a TIPS sheet and to view the TIPS click this here little ole word....TIPS.
We stacked up 6 layers of fabric and we cut some fabric. In the picture above you can see the little bit that the fabric fabric is off at the top. I asked her if it was how I was lining up the fabric or was it the die cutting inaccurately. It happened on three of the pieces we cut. You can see the tiny bit it was off.

They were off a tiny bit. As I stood there I was thinking to myself....hmmmm...I know I have cut several blocks the exact same size with the exact same rotary cutter and ruler and all my blocks were not exact. People have been cutting quilts for years using scissors alone and theirs were no perfect. The quilts still come out looking beautiful. I personally think it is the accuracy of the layering. If you cut them one at a time...they would probably be perfect each time. But when you are cutting 6 layers you might study the Tips so you can get the grain of the fabric correct if you want every one to be exact. Either way, you're still going to have to square up your quilt when you are done....exact perfect cuts or not, right?
These circles were all exactly the same.

Here I re-cut the triangle making sure I had the fabric over the die and it did come out perfect. So again, I think it does exactly what it advertises that it does. However, you need to learn how to use the machine and learn how to line up your fabric. After all, you don't buy a sewing machine and plug it in and start sewing. You have to learn about inserting the needle, threading the machine, adjust tension....etc.
I'm truly not trying to "sell" you one of these machines. I just want you to know what my experience was and what I learned. It's like I'm taking you around in my pocket and you are hearing my thoughts. Now that is really a frightening thought ay?
Scary Go Go Gadget Girl Smiles,

1 comment:

  1. I've had very good luck cutting with the AccuQuiltGo. But I tend to start with ~3 layers of fabric, to check the weight of the fabric and ease of use of the machine. I then add more layers, if the ease of cutting is ok. On average I cut ~3-6 layers at a time. I ensure the fabric is wrinkle free and hand press the layers on the die, before I add the cover.

    I've been amazed how fast and accurate this cutter is. Plus, scraps that I would have previously thrown away I now just load up on the AccuQuilt and cut them into strips for future use. Thus, I view it is also a $$$ saver.



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