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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Behind the Scenes at I Have A Notion

After talking with a customer last night at 8:30pm, I realized many people who shop in my store don't really know me. They seem to be surprised by my occasional phone calls on to verify their order or ask a question. Many sales people are surprised when I say my business phone is in my kitchen. That is the truth. I've had people e-mail me and say they really liked my hand written note in the package with their purchase.

I am a Mother first and a business owner second. I did not have them until I was 38 and 40 years old so I really want to enjoy them. Screaming and hearing "Mommy....Mommy.....Mommy (louder and louder) when I'm on a business call is customary. I usually say, please don't mind my co-workers, they are a bit fussy. Then I move excuses or apologies. If you should find an interesting sticker or crayon mark on your box....consider it a gift from my co-workers :)

So I thought I would take you behind the scenes at I Have A Notion. You might know my co-workers, Aaron and Zachary, from reading my blog.

Zach is on the left and Aaron is on the right. Aug. 3rd was a huge day here at I Have A Notion. No I did not get 10,000 dollars in orders that day. Both Aaron and Zachary learned to ride two wheelers Sunday night. (That is why I was rambling a bit in my blog post Monday morning.....I was writing it at 1:30AM)
The price of poker.

Working here is soooo much fun :)

I took this picture before I had my first cup of coffee. Zach, wearing his Daddy's t-shirt as PJ's, is ready to go on a bike ride. There is not one stitch under the t-shirt. I had him turn around and I snapped a booty shot (illegal to upload) but precious for Mommy's to look at later in life.
After riding around the neighborhood for 45 minutes (he had changed into clothes Grandma....honestly :) we came in and had breakfast. I checked my e-mail and then got a box for the boys to load with toys. We are having a garage sale in a week or so and I want them to choose which "office supplies" they think we can do without.
Fortification is necessary so we took a trip to Giant Eagle for groceries. My co-workers like Giant Eagle because they have "The Eagles Nest." They improve on hand and eye coordination skills (play video games) while the Boss gets something to heat up (I don't like to cook).
A 75% off sign caught my eye at Giant Eagle. No I did not buy this.....but I did love it. "Housework Makes Me Croak." Honestly I did not buy it because I would have had to dust it....and I don't want to Croak!!!
Yes this is a picture of the coils on the bottom of my fridge. This is way, way, way behind the scenes at IHAN. You may be asking yourself, why on GGE (Gods green earth) is she taking a photo of the bottom of her fridge? No, well you should be. I can fit the regular vac hose under to clean the first set of coils but not the second. I need a VST (very special tool) for that job.
"Self, why are you on your hands and knees in the middle of the afternoon looking under your fridge?" Self answers, "because I can't control my co-workers but I can control the dust under the fridge."
Zach was experimenting with putting Lego's up his nose. (I wonder if they have this much fun at Microsoft? ) Often I find it difficult to get my monkeys to walk the straight and narrow. I need to feel I am in I find something I can it was the dust puppies!!! I grabbed one of my favorite things....the Vacuum Attachment Kit (I use it for my dryer vent, cleaning small spaces in my van (co-workers get crumbs everywhere) , my computer, my serger and sewing machine.
I think I like to vacuum (suck small things into a container and trap them) because I feel really powerful and in control. It sure beats running for President ay?
Sew, now you all know how IHAN operates. When the going gets tough....I get the vacuum. I am the Owner, Operator, Dietitian, Nurse, Head Chef (heater upper), Gardener, Chauffeur, Secretary, Janitor, by profession a Psychologist and on occasion....I get to stitch :)
I didn't mention my husband.....because.....well......because.....OK...I'll tell you.....he thinks he's the Boss....shhhhh don't tell him....what is said here....stays here (confidentiality agreement in force now).


  1. I want to work where you work! I've been known to apply a mean band-aid and turn tears to smiles. LOL

  2. Wow! Such a reveal! You may have to watch for the hidden cameras. One of those reality shows may pick this up :-)

  3. Love your co-workers...enjoy them while they are little..and one of the wonderful things of working at home is you do get to enjoy them.

  4. I chuckled all the way through this post, Kelly! Found my way to your blog via someone else as is the usual way for bloggers to find each other! and have greatly enjoyed my visit. I'll be back!


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