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Friday, August 28, 2009

What I Won't Do To Win Something

Vicki from Felines and Fiber Arts Blog had a 100th post Give Away and I won this gift. It arrived in the mail a few hours ago. Vicki you are so generous!!! Thanks a Ka-Zillion :)

Vicki asked everyone to choose some questions to answer for a chance to win some great fabrics and a book. This was the comment I left:

To win that book and first set of fabrics I'd post nude photos of myself on my blog...nude while quilting...

I love those fabrics....I love fish and those look yummy.

This is the link to the blog that inspired me
to do something I would not have done:

I was interested in the quilt as
you go no binding circles that Lacey
has designed. I like the circle quilt I
made a few years ago and this seems like
a fun way to make a table runner
that I need for fall.

I've learned so much from blogging it is
incredible. I'd take up too many pages if I went into
it....I'm never short for words. Lets just say it has opened my world and my heart.

FYI...I never said full frontal nudity while quilting...just nude
quilting. Everyone can stop cringing now...LOL

So, to hold up my end of the are The Photos.

Revealing aren't they? I think this is as much skin as most readers can tolerate. Anyone wanting to see more skin....I've heard there are magazines for people like you.
Appreciative Smiles,



  1. Tooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!

  2. Loooove it! Great humor! You deserved to win (but I am still pouting!)

  3. Kelly, now this is supposed to be a family friendly blog. My word girl, your children might read this one day!! Congrats on your win :-)

  4. You made me laugh again, you lived up to your end of the bargain so you truly do deserve to win. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! By the way nice fabric that you are sewing.

  5. you are so far off the wall, it's frightening!! How ever do you come up with these crazy notions and idea?? Keep on bloggin, love reading ya!!


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