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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jackpot Scissors by Simplicity Comments and Curb Alert

This is too funny not to share. My husband purchased this hose gizmo when we lived in South Carolina 5 years ago. He paid over 20.00 for it and it did not fit onto the place where he wanted it to go. So it sat in our garage. It went into storage for a year when we moved. It has now been in our garage for 3 1/2 years. Twice he has attempted to throw it away and I've seen it in the trash and picked it back out. He finds it back in the garage and we have the same conversation.
Yesterday morning I wake up early. I'm happy the boys are still sleeping and I quietly come down the stairs. I look out the front window to welcome the day and what do I see? You guessed it!!! This is his third attempt. I go outside in my PJ's and rescue this gizmo again. This is really like the show The Odd Couple. He comes down the stairs for coffee and to go to work. I gently mention I found a wonderful perfectly good item in the trash. Rick says, "How did you find it?"
Married life....can be a comedy!!! This would not be too unexpected except for the fact that I've told him the last two attempts that my girlfriend Rachel is moving into a brand new house and she can use it. Should we run a bookie joint and take bets on how many more times he will attempt this feat? I can see my henchmen now, collecting the money. Instead of dark restaurants and bars (like in the movies)....middle-aged women would be shaking down other women while quietly sitting at their sewing machines. Now that is a good visual!!! ROFL
On to more serious matters:
I get great comments all the time that are left on my website. I want others to be able to view these comments. So I'm working on getting a gadget on my blog where others can read and see the comments and leave questions etc. This is one I got this morning:
Name: Lois
Comments: I have to tell you
how pleased I am with my jackpot scissors. I took apart a twin sized quilt using them instead of my seam ripper and it was so much easier. The scissors are sharper and the needle nose gets right in there so the stitches can be cut.
Great product !!
PS...the swiffer in the trash was mine before I got the new one out of someone's trash. The velcro on the bottom was ripped I'm off the hook.

1 comment:

  1. Kelly, That is too funny about the hose contraption. LOL


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