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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reliable Corporation's Latest and Greatest

Checker 61st Anniversary Open - House Chapter 4

Art Garabedian, from Reliable Corp., was also at the Checker Open House. Art brought an ironing board, three irons and a light to demonstrate. I think it was very kind of Art to bring new toys for me to play with. I did ask permission before I started picking up everything and testing them. I bet he'll say No when I ask next time. I spent way too much time testing the irons and the light. I think I pulled and shifted the neck of the light expecting it would break (secretly wanting to know how easily it would break....I'm so glad it didn't....saves me being embarrassed and I'm excited about this light so now I know it is worth it).

Yes the crazy red head is at it again and this time, she's packing heat!!!

The Long Board by Reliable Corporation
I did not take a good photo of the entire ironing board because I'm always trying to get the pix that I think you might want to see so you feel like you were there with me.

This is the front of the ironing board under the cover. Usual shape. This ironing board comes with an attachment that just slips onto the ironing board to make it rectangular. So it is great for ironing quilts/larger cloth. It comes with 2 covers. Click on the link to see all the specs.

I liked the heat resistant cloth that is on the end of the cover. You can leave your iron down and not burn the cover. I also liked the iron station beneath the table. It will hold the Iron Maven!!!
The Longboard retails for 249.99. If you are unhappy with your ironing board and want the flexibility to have both a regular ironing board shape and the rectangle without much hassle.....this would be a good choice. Of course the only place to buy one is IHAN, right? Yes (a lie....but it is a good choice anyway :) Click on IHAN for my price. The table weighs 31 lbs, so extra postage would be required. Local delivery possible....if you have coffee :)
Meet the Iron Maven.
Woo Hooodley Doodley....this baby packs some serious steam. It weighs 4 lbs (Art said standard weight for an iron is 4lbs (I did not ask how many Oreo's that is).

This is the base and it has a removable water container. The iron still works even when you take out the ay? There are so many on the link and read the won't be sorry you did.
To spend personal time with the Iron Maven it will cost you. She retails for 399.99....yep ers....not kidding. Where to buy one? You guessed it...check out IHAN for my price :) I had no real clue as to what the word Maven of course....I Googled it...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from the Hebrew, via Yiddish, and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge

An iron who understands and is an expert in a particular field. OK...I guess....but why not hire me to give your products names? I would have called it, "Iron Jane." Guess Iron Jane does not sound as cool as Iron Maven. What about Iron Kelly....alright already....I'll stop.

Digital Velocity Steam Iron V95

I spent most of my time checking out this iron. It has new technology so the iron can't leak water onto your cloth. The heat on the sole plate is evenly distributed and you can adjust that temperature. It produces more steam than a regular household iron. Click on the link to read the specs. I really wadded this fabric in my hand and held it for several minutes.
This is the back after I ironed it.

This is the front after I ironed it.

Being the Smart Booty/Maven I am....I held it under the Uber LED light afterwards. I can see little wrinkles in the cotton. The other ladies around me were sold and were carting off irons right and left. Not me....nope. I wanted to see if that iron would get rid of every wrinkle no mater how small. It did a very good job. Art kept looking at me....I bet he was wondering what on GGE was it going to take to make me happy. Then he asked what I wanted it to do....I said I want crisp wrinkle free cloth like the dry cleaner gives you.
To get professional (dry cleaner type) crispness, Art said I would need a Vacuum Board. I had never heard of a vacuum board before Monday. Sure enough....what gives your clothes/cloth the crispness is the vacuum in the ironing boards that removes all moisture from the cloth. Makes perfect sense now. When you introduce steam....which is need to remove all the moisture to get the crisp finish. Now your talking baby!!! I want the Iron Maven and the Vacuum Board. I asked Art to bring one to Quilt Market so I could try it out. I would definitely spend my money on something like that if I knew my husband could iron his shirts that crisp. Notice I did not say I could iron his shirts? I love the crip wrink free look of fabric and cloth. You think it will remove my wrinkles too?
Last but certainly not least.....

This light is really, really, really nice. I'm not kidding you. I bent this baby every which way and it still held up strong. I was very impressed with the 26 inch neck on this light. It was really made well. This neck won't flop over like those other lights do. It is top notch!! It has 28 LED's which will last 60,000 hours. That translates to 6.85 years if you left it on continuously. Guess we'll be passing these babies on to our kids. For those of you who are lazy and never turn off your better buy several...and you know from where....right here.
The c-clamp opens 1.8 inches. It is made of commercial grade steel so it was built to last. Before buying one you might want to consider all the places you might use it....measure the width you would need to be sure the 1.8 inches is appropriate. I think this would make an EXCELLENT holiday gift.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Sorry it takes me so long to say a few things. I'm guessing that is what I have to offer than other stores don' honest opinion from someone who has made sure the product does what it is advertised to do.
Iron Smiles,


  1. Nice insights. Thanks for sharing.

    Any insight about a "dry" iron for those that like to applique?

  2. you are soooooooooooooo funny....loved your comments and information.


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