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Friday, August 28, 2009

Orion Burns from Quilt in a Day

Checker 61st Anniversary Open House Chapter 4

Orion Burns, Eleanor Burns' very handsome son, was at the Checker Open House. I'm sorry the fellas that work for Checker could not break dress code....but at least Checker invited Orion Burns, right? Like I said, we don't just live on fabric, notions and chocolate!!! Smack me....OK back to the topic. As you can see I don't away from my co-workers much :)

Orion asked me if I had the rulers below. I told him no but I'd like to learn how they work. As many of you know, I learn best by physical demonstration followed by verbal direction. Orion was very patient and showed me every step in the process. I took photos so you could follow along too.

Orion Burns

(not a good pix...sorry. I searched the Internet to "borrow" a better photo....could not find time....I'll get a better one, I promise :)

Orion put an 11 inch piece of fabric down and then a 9 1/2 inch piece on top of the larger one. Next you sew 1/4 inch on either side of the line.
Cut on the line. Press towards the large triangle on both pieces.

With right sides together and the opposite fabrics facing one another, you line up the outer edges of the fabric. The angles won't match up as shown below.

Draw another line and stitch across.
Open and wah-laaaa......

There are four sizes and sets of flying geese templates. I realize you probably won't be able to view my photos and then have perfect flying geese. If you want perfect flying here :)

I was fortunate enough to receive a Mini Ruler Set and a Scallops, Vines and Waves Template from Quilt in a Day. The Mini Ruler Set comes with two flying geese rulers (different sizes) and get this....a 2 1/2 inch Fussy Cut Ruler. I'm looking forward to giving them a whirl. Now.....I do lock my doors at night. I've taken Karate and I sleep with a baseball bat near the bed. Don't even try to come in here and get these first so I can put the coffee pot on :) LOL
Too far to stop by for here....imagine your coffee and browse at your leisure in your pj's :)
Smacked Around Smiles,


  1. Haha! You're hilarious! It looks like a great tutorial! I just found you from a link on quiltdad's site and I"m really enjoying myself!

  2. I have the flying geese rulers and love them. Have fun with your new goodies!

  3. I love this flying geese ruler. I have made flying geese via various methods & rulers, but this particular ruler really makes it very easy to make precise flying geese.

    I've even taught brand new quilters to make a quilt using this ruler and everyone of them made perfect flying geese blocks! The group quilt came out perfectly!

    This is definitely a ruler every quilter should have.



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