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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everything IS Bigger in Texas!!

I'm back home safe and sound.  I know everyone is chomping at the bits to see Quilt Market photos and finds but I've gotta get organized yet.

 This is what I was looking at yesterday morning.  A cool sculpture across from the Convention Center.  Then I spent my entire zooming around finishing up my business and when Market closed, I had the pleasure of going out for dinner in Houston.  I've never been anywhere away from the Convention Center so this was a real treat for me.
 We sent for Texas BBQ and the restaurant was something else!
 When we drove up to the place the aroma of BBQ was so strong it nearly pulled us out of the car.
All the cedar used for the BBQ....oh it smelled so good.
 But then I was greeted by a buffalo head..... 
 Turned around and ran into none other than an armadillo....
 Then this creepy looking dude....I'm supposed to want to eat now? 
While in line, I entertained my brain by looking at all the really neat pictures they had on the wall.
A little bit closer...they looked like they may have actually been real photos and not re-makes.
 Oh wow....this was really happening....I was going to be eating some authentic Texas BBQ....I chickened out and had turkey!!!

See, everything really is bigger in Texas!!!  I left home 30 lbs lighter and then as soon as that plane touched down in Houston....BANG....I was's the truth....OK, don't believe me.....I'd believe you!!!!  LOL

This GIGANTIC Armadillo was outside the restaurant  /bar next door.  I think I'll call this guy, Mr. Armadillo.
 This is not a is for real.
 This was a 500 pound red velvet armadillo cake...yes...FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS of red velvet cake...holey sha' mokin!!!
The horns were made out of rice krispies and fondant.
 Check out the size of pieces this lady was cutting...enormous!  Or should I just say, Texas Style :)
 These were his scales...made from fondant. 
A gal was there who had taken a picture of it before it was cut on her "eye-phone" so I took a pix of a I could do for ya.

They gave us a few boxes of cake to take with us.  I had already had a piece earlier, so I made the folks back at the hotel very happy with some Armadillo red velvet cake.

I wish I had taken a pix of what Karin and I arrived in Houston with.  It would make this photo even funnier.  Suffice to was a whole lot less than this!
The bed of "Drivers" truck was full and so was the back seat.

This was the view arriving at the airport for my trip back home.  I'm so glad to be home and they co-workers and Mr. McSteamy were very happy to see me too. 

Those who know me well won't believe this one....all my stuff is unpacked and put away....this may be only the second time in my life that has happened...hurray :)



  1. What did you think, looking at all those armadillos? Roadkill? No wonder you went for turkey! I would have too. Nice to know you were able to buy lots of goodies! Enjoy.

  2. My choice would have been turkey without even seeing the armadillos! Yuk! What big bags of luggage you have there! It must be so fun to go through it all and organize it all! Glad you had a great time and glad you arrived home safe and sound!

  3. Can't wait to hear about what's new in the sewing/quilting world.

  4. LOL... I know what you mean about the animal heads in the place. I always think "So am I eating your grandchild?"

  5. Really? Unpacked? Is this a sign of the apocalypse? LOL! Can't wait to hear all about it. We'll be heading down to the farm today. Internet spotty and phone signal spotty down there ... will try to get into town to call ya and catch up.

  6. Welcome home, I can't wait to see your pictures. 30 pounds, unpacked, you ate turkey in a BBQ place and you gave the cake away? I just don't know what to believe. I hope you're relaxing before you jump back into things.

  7. Always a hoot! Yes, everything is bigger in Texas--you've heard of Texas toast, right? OH, what I wouldn't have given for some armadillo cake. Hey, what's up with the steer/armadillo outside the restaurant? Is that the Texas version of a jackelope?! And thanks to Gene Black, too, for giving me something NEW to think about. Sheesh!

  8. Wow what a great trip! But I know you are happy to be home. Take your shoes off and relax a bit.

  9. Ya just gotta love Texas...and those barbeque places are the best!!!

  10. Animal heads never bother me. I've lived--*and worked*--with 'em for the past fifteen years. Of course most of our animal heads are a little more . . . delicate. That armadillo cake *so* reminded me of Steel Magnolias!!! Hugs!! :)

  11. Looking forward to reading your Quilt Market posts, and seeing you all happy!

  12. Oh. You really missed out by not having the brisket. It melts in your mouth.

  13. Glad you enjoyed Texas.... and looking forward to all the great things you found to share.... You are my whats new and happening window to the US quilting world.

  14. velvet.cake.AWAY.!!?? Did you get sick while at Market too? Oh my those were huge pieces. That BBQ place looked awesome though and I bet with all that wood it was amazing too.

  15. I wish we could have had some time together at Market. I too had a good time. Too much to see.

  16. BTW, I learned I had to blog. Maybe you can teach me how to get it set up. I love the way yours is set up.

  17. Sew glad you enjoyed my 'home' state of Texas! You can't do BBQ better than what you get in Texas (but, I've had close a few times).


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