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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Alive...But Buried in Floriani :)

I know ya' all think I've left the country to hide away with all the new thread, designs and stabilizers that arrived here at IHAN....but I didn't.
A big ole semi pulled up yesterday  and I just about passed out.  I thought to myself...oh dear God...where am I going to put all that?  Then the fella only unloaded this one pallet....instant relief :)
Yes, Floriani...Floriani Thread, Floriani Stabilizers, and Floriani Software galore....where is the army who is going to inventory all this?
 I have almost finished checking in the order and then I'll have the joy of arranging it in a fashion I can easily see and find the threads to fill orders.
Just look at all those colors....YES I have every single one of them...and not just one spool of each either....nope...I have at least 5 of each one...the world is looking so colorful right now :)

While I'm buried in thread..... I had to speed clean the house because I had invited some friends for lunch and the guest of honor was Lyn Gladwin, the gal from Australia who visited our guild meeting last month. 

I've not hosted a lunch in I don't know how has been years and I have no idea why I don't do it more often because it was such a treat.  There were 7 of us and some of the gals brought some quilts to show.  I'm only going to post Lyn's quilts because I need to get back to all that thread!!

 This is a quilt that Lyn made for her son and she "pinched" it off his bed before she came over.
 I really liked the way she cut her fabrics...and the bead is fun too.
I thought the quilting was interesting...the border and how she lined up each of the stars...I just know it would not be that straight had I been in charge...yikes.
This is a quilt Lyn made for her new daughter in law.  It is different than the one I posted about previously.  Unfortunately, the light from the window takes away from the beauty of this quilt.
 This is the view from Lyn's house in AU.  She can see the ocean...oh I can only dream of living somewhere so beautiful.  My camera and laptop are having an argument so I can't post the rest of the photos right now....but suffice to say there were lots of beautiful quilts and great women right here in my house....that was very cool indeed.

I know it is Wednesday and I am working on an E-Notion IQ post....that will be coming soon ....I'm roller skating as fast as I possibly can...I promise :)



  1. If you have to be buried alive, at least it's in quilting stuff! Oh what fun to open boxes and see all the new stuff and it's not even Christmas yet!

  2. I agree with Shelley...what a way to go! ;o)

  3. I'm interested to hear what you think about the new thread. Is it comparable to Aurifil?

  4. Like Shelley said ... there are loads worse things to be buried in, huh? If you need help, I'll be happy to come dig you out!! :)

  5. You know, I was making cupcakes and was thinking, Where is my friend Kelly, I even came to the computer twice to email you and twice, by the time I got on and answered a few emails forgot why I came to the computer in the first place. Glad you are alive.....

  6. Wow what amazing quilts - I'm totally in love with the one she made her son! Kelly, you get the best mail ever, I'd die if I saw a semi pull up to my door, lol.

  7. What beauty! And you're so right - having lunch for friends is a treat that we don't give ourselves nearly often enough. I think I'll plan a lunch for mine during the holidays! blessings, marlene

  8. Wow! That is a ton of great looking thread. I wish I had all of that, but then again I'd have a hard time finding a place to put it at the moment.

  9. lol Oh, to be buried in colorful thread! You know....they say that when you've eaten too much, you should exercise, so if you've got too much thread maybe you should quit cleaning and start quilting... Oh, wait! Maybe we ALL should start quilting, from the size of that pallet! lol

    The quilts that we got to see from the luncheon yesterday were beautiful. Thanks for inviting us to be there remotely.

  10. Good Grief, woman! Now you know what "palletized" means! Oh, yes, to be buried alive in thread, oh, so colorful thread. Must be what it's like to live inside a rainbow! I can only imagine!! If it were only a bit warmer there, I could just hop on my pogo stick (or more likely, engage Driver) and pop up there to help you out! Of course, I'd have to try out some of those CDs and maybe a few spools of thread or something...just for quality control, you know. :)

    Oh, gosh, I'd better get back to work, my own self....people are wanting Christmas presents made - aren't I lucky!?

    Oh, but I'd love a window view like that!!! Australia is certainly on our list of must-see places!! Thanks for sharing all the goodness with us!!

  11. Thanks for having this giveaway. My mother's sight is declining and the light would be perfect to assist her when reading/working.

    Bonnie Congiu


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