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Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilt Market 2011 - 6 Quick Points Rulers and Jillily Studio

Veteran's Day:  My sincere appreciation goes out to each and every person who has served their country and their family members for all the sacrifices that each and every one of you have made.

Busy day here at IHAN...sorry this post is up so late in the day.  If it ya really want to know...I've been working on it all day between everything else I do :) 

 Who else but the Queen of the IHAN Nation with Janet Platt from Quick Points Rulers.  Yes, she is the genius behind those amazing Quick Points Rulers and now the Scallop Rulers too.  Janet is one smart cookie .... there is no other way these rulers would have been thought of...they are really great tools in my book.
Before I go further, I'd be terribly remiss if I didn't introduce you to Brian, Janet's really fun and helpful husband!  Ya always got to point out the great ones!
Quick Points Ruler Booth, Houston 2011

The photos are out of order...but you probably would not know unless you were following me around....I think there was only one person with pretend you know all about the out of order photos, OK?

Janet's School House presentation was excellent!  One of the things I really like about Janet and Brian's presentations is that they actually use the rulers right in front of you.  No pre-made samples that lead you to believe it is so easy.

(This is surely one of the things I notice while at Market or Shows: I am always making sure the person is actually using the tool right there in front of I can see if there is anything that may be dificult for me to do when I get home.   I don't like those demo's where everything has been pre-made and you are shown just the samples.  How do I know it really works or if when I get home, I'll be so frustrated that I don't ever use the product.  If they are not actually cutting/stitching/ironing etc. I ask if I can do it...I have to be sure it is what it says it is and will do what it is advertised to do.)

 This sample board shows you exactly what you can make with the Quick Points Ruler and the Scallop Ruler.    I should probably tell ya that Janet also has the Teflon Pushers that help make your scallops smooth when you turn them right side out.
 This is Janet showing every one how she just used the Scallop Ruler and is turning it right side out.
This is a beautiful table topper Janet has made.  Not only is it fun...but check out the scallop much cheer was added with that one addition.
 If you look closely here, you will see the flowers were made with the Scallop Ruler and the trim on the outside is too. 
Want some deep scallops?  Check out this really great apron Janet made.  I just love that apron.
 If I'm not mistaken, this is another apron...could be pillow case...sometimes I forget...what ever it really is....the scallop separates those fabrics beautifully.
 Ok, I do know this is another apron...LOL :)

 Halloween Treat Bags anyone?  You know that Ghastlies one is way too much fun.  There are so many Ghastlies Fans now!

This is a baby quilt...the scallops are turned inward...neat isn't it?

Back to Janet's booth now. 

Believe it or not, when I got to the Quick Points Ruler booth, Janet was out shopping.  David was sitting and pressing all the prairie points he would manage.  Ya gotta love a husband who will sit and demo for you while you are out shopping!!

Now, on to Jillily Studio Booth

 When I visited the first time Jill was not there so I took my photos and came back later for the demo's.

This is a demo of Jill's Appli-Glue.  There were a few excellent points about the Appli-Glue that I thought folks would want to know about.  First, it is acid free and water soluble.  The dry Appli-Glue will even dissolve when soaked in water.  I really liked the tip on the glue bottle.  The tip is tapered so when you stop squeezing the bottle, the glue gets pulled back into the bottle and doesn't dry in the tip.  I have had that happen with other glues and I really don't like that one little bit. 

Above you can see the tiny dots of glue being used...they stick very nicely to the next leave and to the background fabric too.  If you are in need of some new applique glue...I definitely recommend the Appli-Glue.
These are Jill's Poke-A-Dots.  Can you guess what they are for?  The gal in her booth asked me that when I walked up and I immediately replied, " they are finger thimbles".  I guess a lot of folks don't know what they are.  (On a personal note...ya gotta love that they are red :).   They have adhesive on the back and you  put it on the tip of your finger when you are doing hand stitching.  You use that finger to push your needle through the fabric.  They have a textured surface which makes it really nice for pulling a needle through fabric too.  Have you ever had  a dog-of-a-time pulling your needle through (be honest)?  The Poke-A-Dots grip very well and makes it much easier to pull that needle though.  They can be used over and over again because of the quality adhesive that is on the back.  I typically park it back on the paper and use them over and over again.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  I'll be gone tomorrow to the Machine Embroidery Guild to demo all my Sizzix Cutters.  You know I won't pre-cut that fabric before I go....I'll have it ready to go and I'll let them cut the fabric so they can see how nicely the Sizzix Fabric Cutters work!



  1. Great post! Interesting ruler! I haven't gotten into the scallops - maybe this is the push I need! wish I had those dots when I was hand piecing and hand quilting my Dear Jane - my finger will never be the same! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL... If a husband can do it, I can do it! Love it!!!!

  3. Fun post -- love all those scallops! And speaking of cutting, I saw these and thought of you... :)

  4. Fabulous post - love seeing all the projects, and getting inspiration and ideas. Oh, how I need those poke a dots for my handquilting...guess I should have looked around more before I said my order was complete! LOL

  5. And I don't kiss & tell, so all your secrets are safe with me!

    But, Kelly's right - those rulers were one of the coolest things of the whole market, and Janet & Brian had to be THE coolest couple there - bar none. So glad & honored to have met such good people!

  6. What beautiful fabrics and projects! Such inspiration! Thank you, Kelly! I will be ordering Appli-Glue!
    And since I was at the Machine Embroidery Guild demo, let me say thanks for a fantastic job demonstrating the fabric cutters!! We all want one! LOL

  7. fabulous post...nice to meet Janet and her fab rulers and Jill, what can we say about this lady..she is an absolute delght and she has an amazing mind for details and her dots...

  8. The rulers look fun, but my favorite two things are the Appli-Glue and the Poke-a-Dots. I have always loved using those thick, beige (boring color) leather dots for thimbles when hand stitching, but they're hard to find sometimes. I love that they are red!!!


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