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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quilt Market Fabric Booths, Houston 2011

More from Houston...enjoy!

If I could have all the fabric from one booth....I think it would have been the Island Batiks booth....well then there is the Kaffee, Brandon and Phillip fabrics....oh and Valorie Wells....just forget it......I don't even know where I'd put all that fabric :)

*(see note further down the page)

You'll all probably remember my post about visiting Marcia Derse's studio recently.  I loved the simplicity of her could see all her fabrics without being distracted.  Well, that was until Marcia and Pokey sat down on this beautiful settee.  Then I got distracted...go figure.

Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics

If I were on the judging commitee for best booths at Market...I'd give out two first place ribbons.  One to Pillow and Maxfield and one to Marcia Derse

I loved the circles, squares and then the oval above the booth.  I knew instantly what I was looking at....fabric...and not the clutter of all the props. 

Marcia's was the same...the fabric speaks...not the decorations...that's my kind of booth!

Michael Miller Fabrics is known for their fun scenes and settings during Quilt Market.   Remember, this is where shop owners sit with sales folks to place orders...not like the designers their props are fun.   

No, this is not a booty call....get your mind back to fabric please :)  You have to remember....what goes into the building...must come out!!

Mark Dunn from MODA - United Notions....I love the way he dresses.  I missed the fun shirts he has worn in the past....then he told me "the shirt" was under the coat.  So I snapped a pix of that for ya too.

Since it was Halloween....his shirt had skulls....see....I knew he wouldn't let me down (like the guy dresses for my just happens to entertain me at market).  

This is Ricky Tims new fabric line....Oodles of Doodles II....more about that in future posts.

I really like Sarah Fielke's style...I think of it as "Traditionally Cheerful"..her booth always lifts my spirit.

Elephants and frogs are my you know Valori Wells booth stopped me dead in my tracks.  Ohhhh the elephants....

Caroline Hulse and Susanna Sammons (Cabage Rose Quilting and Knitting-Fort Worth TX) were so darn pretty I just had to take their picture.  "Livin' the Westminster Lifestyle" is my title for this pix.

 Ok, Ok, Ok...yes I realize there was lots more fabric and designers there....and I've saved some for their own settle down....take a breath....and just sit back and smile :)

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  1. I thought: It's not so hard to choose a booth that has all the fabric you want. And then I scrolled further down ;) I will just say my choice would be ALMOST ALL! Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Where do people come up with the ideas for all this fantastically creative stuff, and why wasn't I born with that gene?!?! I was really intrigued by the fabric fluff ball -- what was that?!? Thanks for sharing your pics with us! I felt like I was there, without the sore feet and empty wallet! :)

  3. Thanks for another great trip around market! It was so fun! You must have had a blast!
    Thanks again for sharing such great pictures!

  4. I love seeing all of the booths at market, so many wonderful fabrics and patterns.


  5. Thanks for the amazing photos ... I think I have quilting ADD ... I keep finding new projects to start ... don't think I'm alone in that!

    Thanks, too, for the Aurifil reminder - just ordered.

  6. I truly appreciate your having taken all those pix, so I can enjoy Market vicariously!

  7. i love the show pictures. Thank you for posting them!

  8. am enjoying all the pix of the market; the color, the faric, the makeups. fascinating.

  9. wow those pictures make me want to scream!! In a good way though....WOW

  10. I have to agree with you about Marcia Derse. I love the simple squares with white sashing. It made a very striking quilt top.

  11. I agree with you in that the fabric is what should be highlighted. Pokey? How cool!!!

  12. Lots of great eye candy. Thanks. Love that elephant fabric. I want to make an elephant mug rug for my new elephant teapot.

  13. I really enjoyed all the Quilt Market pictures. Thanks so much.

  14. Thanks so much for posting all of these pictures. It is so much fun to look at them, and your sense of humor is the icing on the cake. It's a good thing you had the lil elephant there, and said let's stop and breathe....I was looking kinda purple or blue or something --- I think I was holding my breath just looking at all the gorgeous fabrics and quilts! LOL

  15. Well I nearly missed this post, because the titles of the last 2 posts are the same!!! Glad I stopped in to see or I would have missed the Wells Elephants!!!

  16. Wow. My mind is dazzling in delight with all the colors and sights. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely beautiful and fun.


  17. Oh, I wish I could be there!! But the next best things are your pics! thanks for sharing them.

  18. I agree with Denise. The fabric fluff ball was gorgeous. I would love to make one for fun. You have the best job in the world. You get to see all the fabric coming soon to all of us. And you treat your readers great, letting us in on your life.

  19. Fantastic! Thanks for all the great pictures.

  20. Wow Kelly, thanks. You always have the best pictures.

  21. I am exhausted from just looking at the pictures!! WOW!! Where did you get the energy it took to do this? Hugs kiddo!!

  22. Looks like you had a great time @ quilt market. While you were shopping, I was in Michigan for a fam weekend with 2 of my daughters, their husbands, my hubby, son AND my son. While I didn't win the books since I was gone, what an inspiration all your great pictures are!!


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