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Friday, November 4, 2011

Clydes Workshop - What A Treat!!

Organizing the Quilt Market photos sure is a process.  I'm getting much better though...I don't take nearly as many photos and now I just sort into larger groupings.  While I'm doing all of that I wanted to tell you about a lovely gift I received and a little story about how this all played out.

The story first!!! :)
Since IHAN is mine....I pick and choose which notions, books, patterns etc. that I want to review.  I get lots of requests to review these things and often I turn people down if I'm not interested or don't have the time.  An IHAN blog follower had sent me a few e-mails telling me about a shelf she had purchased and how much she loved it and wanted me to review the shelf on a blog post.   I politely declined as these shelves are custom made and went on about my way.  She felt so strongly about her "Quilting Shelf" she had one sent to me as a gift.  Once I opened it, I knew instantly why she wanted me to review wanna' talk about QUALITY Craftsmanship and a terrific "Quilting Shelf" all makes perfect sense now!!
I'm very proud to introduce all of you to Clyde's Workshop and what I call "Clyde's Quilting Shelf".
My sewing area has grid wall against cement blocks so I could not hang this beautiful "Quilting Shelf" yet....but I'm now willing to rearrange all my do dah because of this one really beautiful shelf.  Mr. McSteamy and I are holding it up here...don't want to hang it in the family room....but you get the idea.

Just look at the quality of Clyde's work....the wood is absolutely beautiful and his craftsmanship is top notch.  This is definitely not a glued-together-mass-produced shelf made of pressed wood....this baby is solid and has a fine furniture finish (I'm sure there is a proper term for that).
The  dimensions of the shelf  is 22" x 7 7/8" and is 6" high. Under the shelf are 7 hooks to hang scissors or notions so they are handy....AND
The top has 14  grooves to hold your rulers.  These grooves were not just done with a quick router or a saw blade....they've been sanded smooth and the shelf has lovely rounded corners.  There were no short-cuts taken on this baby.
Under the ruler holder is a door and when you open have 17" x 2 3/4" x 5 1/2" of   space to store threads, awls, thimbles and any other notion you want to put in there. 
When I say Clyde did not cut corners (he rounded them....ok...little pun for ya)
......this includes the quality of the magnetic gizmo he has mounted to hold the door close. 
The hangers for mounting on the wall are on a 16 inch center so that works well if you want to put the hanger in the studs in the wall. 
I took this photo to show you he has used wooden dowels to hold the wood.....just like I told ya...Excellent Workmanship!!! 

Clyde and I spoke about IHAN selling his "Quilting Shelves."  Basically I told him they are top notch and I thought he should make all the profits from his work.  I'd be nuts to not want to sell them for him...however....Clyde has invested years into his craft - not to mention the money to buy the tools, drive to get the wood and supplies I want him to be the beneficiary of  labors.  I sure hope folks go visit his new website and order directly from him.  (wait until you see his prices....I would not sell them for less than double his price...amazing quality and price.  Bet you are darn thrilled that I'm not selling them now ay?

The shelves also come in Cherry, Mahogany, Red Oak and Maple....and if you can believe this....there is no price difference between the wood you choose.  Unbelievable...I'm telling ya.  Since he makes them himself, I'd get over there quick if you wanted one for the holidays or to give as a gift....I'm certainly there will be a waiting list soon.

Go visit Clyde and tell him Kelly from I Have A Notion says HI :)

THANK YOU Jeanne for introducing me to Clyde for my beautiful "Quilting Shelf"...I will treasure it always!

Very happy smiles,


  1. I have one of his ruler holders and it it the "BEST". Also he is wonderful to work with.
    Pat G.

  2. It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us, I'm going to check out his site.

  3. Looks like a great Christmas present to me--or do I mean for me! Now I just have to figure out how to give some strong hints.

  4. i know clyde from his etsy shop...unfortunately he doesn't mail internationally.

  5. I went and ordered one from his site....can't believe the price! Thanks for finding this!

  6. Thanks so much Kelly for giving me a nice compliment about sending you the ruler holder. It is so kind of you to do a WHOLE section on his ruler holder. I'm sure you told him to check out your site, but I'm going to tell him also. You are such a terrific lady. I'm so glad you like my present. I've ordered a second one already. You know how us quilters buy every kind of ruler out there. I even have doubles of many of the rulers. I forget I have one and order it only to find I already own it. Senior moments indeed! Thanks a bunch. Jeanne

  7. I just made a visit to Clyde site and showed my husband what a great Christmas gift this shelf would be. My sewing room is getting a new coat of paint and some remodeling so this would just fit in nice. New sewing table started it all.

  8. Just ordered mine. Thanks for the information.

  9. Thanks Kelly, I don't have an inch of space to hang a shelf, but I'm going to buy one of his ruler holders. His prices are amazing.

  10. That is a really nice shelf. Thanks for the review.

  11. What a unique quilting storage shelf. I love it!


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