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Monday, November 7, 2011

David Butler's Parson Gray and Amy Butler Design

I know Ladies come first...I wasn't raised under a bridge ya know.  However, today...I'm starting with the Gentleman'll just have to forgive me :)

David Butler (yes, Amy Butler's husband) has a new line of fabric, Parson Gray Curious Nature.  If you have not heard of it is certainly time you did.     
I took this first photo in David's School House lecture at Quilt Market. 

Because the lights were dim the fabrics didn't show up very well.  Soooo...I just so happened to trip into David's Face Book Page and I copied this photo so you can see the colors better.  I'd click on the link and look around...definitely.
David was so busy talking to folks it was hard to snap of good pix of him. I did get some photos of his easy task that is for sure.

There is absolutely no question that David is an extremely talented and a multifaceted artist. Weather he is designing graphics, labels, logos, fabrics or singing (his band...Black Owls) ...."he's got it all goin' on."

I was able to get a photo of Amy and David together in front of the Parson Gray booth :)
These two people have wonderful energy, individually and  together.   
It was no easier to get a photo of Amy in her booth.  However, I did get lots of pix of the booth....and it was glorious.

I know, lighting is not that great for my pix...but David was too busy to inquire about photography tips.
Just look...gaze upon the beauty that is Lark.  Just click on the word "Lark" and it will take you to a Amy's description of her inspiration for this new fabric line.  (I'm thinking Audrey Hepburn would have had a sincere appreciation for Lark.  It has modern depth and speaks of the deep inner beauty, grace and style that brings Audrey Hepburn to mind.) 
Clearly the wall in Amy's booth really captured my attention.  I think I stood looking at the wall for quite some time.

There was/is an energy about Amy and David Butler...I feel it every time I've been in their presence.  I'll make an attempt to describe what I feel...I'm not sure how well it will translate into words:
A true inner grace...a respect for one another and for the creative process...I see it as a translucent golden light emanating from them (together and separately).  They have a receptiveness that is warm, curious, passionate, sensitive with  quiet exuberance.  There is a purity of purpose and modesty I feel in Amy.  David seems to have a boundless curiosity for exploring and expressing his inner voice.  I think they are both gentle and bold beings with the curage to follow their inner voices.  
I think that just about covers it....ya get the feeling I like them?

Appreciative Smiles,


  1. Wow...they are an amazing couple, thanks for sharing this!

  2. That is great that they work so well together. It is fun and interesting to read about the booths you visited in Houston.

  3. Amy's fabrics always leave me a little breathless! David's didn't fall short of the mark; I wonder if he had a little help...! I love Audrey Hepburn, too, so Lark will be right up my proverbial alley! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. They are so fantastic the both of them at their trade. The fabrid the make just shines of their inner beauty.. isn't is just wonderful for everyone else!! Oh yes. And just look at his fabric.. finally something fantastic for the men folk.. Ahhhh yes.. happiness.

  5. I do get the feeling You like them.

  6. Parson Grey was really amazing in person. I'm so glad there's a collection that is REALLY man-ish, not just grey with flowers or swirls. Their booths were amazing.

  7. How beautiful, the words you said about them. I would love to know them.
    I have always loved Amy's fabric and I am sure I will adore his for a quilt for my husband. Thanks for writing about him.


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