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Monday, March 5, 2012

Be On The Look Out

Updated 7:10 PM  -For more information about Patsy's quilts...please go to or click here.

Somewhere out there....perhaps in a Thieves Guild....perhaps in a gallery, a flea market, a pawn shop, a garage sale or maybe even hanging someplace you might see some amazingly beautiful quilts that look exactly like these:

As many of you may have already heard by now....Patsy Thompson and Ernie Bode's vehicle was broken into and an embroidery machine and her quilts and works in progress were taken.  If anyone sees anything that remotely looks like these pieces or anything suspicious....please call me at 419-913-8080 or e-mail Patsy at 

No Smiles Today,


  1. What area are we talking about that they were stolen from ...I know they could end up anywhere, but it helps to have a starting point :)

  2. I am sooo #$%%^&%^&*^&*^&&*(8(%^&*^&*(() MAD. As one who travels with quilts...many this makes me so !@#$%$%^ MAD.


  3. That's awful!!! This is the first I've heard of it. I'm sure they are devestated and I sure hope they find the thieves!

  4. Oh,poor Patsy. I am so sorry to learn about this. Has she filed a report at I will keep an eye out for her beautiful work wherever I see quilts. :(

  5. I am devastated that someone could be that cruel. I hope they are found quickly

  6. This just makes me so sick. I sure hope the quilts will surface and be returned.

  7. i just brought my quil into my hotel room with me rather than leave it in the trunk after reading this ±Kelly. ±Thanks.

  8. That is terrible! I let my friends on Connected Threads know and my quilt club. Just a suggestion--maybe we should keep an eye on E bay. Thank you Kelly for letting us know so we can help a quilting friend :)

  9. I sure hope they are found. And, if we can help make sure every quilter is aware we'll certainly increase the odds.


  10. Big hugs to Patsy and Ernie... Sorry this happened. I know the work going into these pieces (as well as heart and soul) was endless. Our quilts are our children.

    Thieves suck. I'm whipping up a major quilt pox for those thieves...

  11. What a horrible thing to happen!! I will keep a lookout for them...hope she gets everything back safe and sound!

  12. Glorious read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. I'd also encourage everybody to bookmark this page to your favorite service to assist spread the word. Thanks!

  13. Oh my gosh - this makes me sick to my stomach - how terrible!!!


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