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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pinterest- Now we can't say we didn't know

I posted previously, HERE,  about Pinterest and was not fully informed.  I'm not saying I"m completely informed but I'm informed enough that I have removed my Pinterest account, boards and pins.

Did you know you can check to see if people have taken photos without our permission?  I learned from Making A Mark blog that you can check by typing in www.    and follow that sequence with the title of your blog.  Here is an example that I typed in:

 Don't Pin My Photos, Product Reviews 
or Tutorials

If by chance you have pinned any of my photos, I am respectfully requesting that your remove them from your boards.  I don't recall giving anyone permission to post photos from my blog to Pinterest yet there are tons of them floating around out there.

You can read more from Making A Mark Blog and here is the link to the copyright information on that blog HERE.

I know I pinned photos that I copied from other websites....not other people's blogs.  I did it innocently and I'm guessing others have done the same thing.  I learned that Pinterest then owns the rights to those photos.  Oh NO WAY!!! I learned so much from the Marking A Mark blog that I never thought of is definitely a must read if you are a blogger.

If you want to make your blog or website Un-Pinnable...I highly recommend you read the Making A Mark blog posts.

Still Smiling,


  1. I wrote about this last month and how to stop it if you care to read my posts, I have lost a number of followers over this but am not worried about it.
    People generally don't think they are doing anything wrong,good luck.

  2. Good post Kelly, thank you! I too deleted my account, pinterest has too many similarities to napster for me to be comfortable. Not happy about it at all!

  3. I respect your opinion and appreciate your insights. But, I still think there are benefits of Pinterest. But, also aspects that those pinning should follow.

    To clarify, Pinterest is like an upgrade "Favorites" where you can bookmark and share with others (way cool). At the same time, the sharing should recognize the contribute and link to a direct source. For example, I see absolutely nothing wrong with "pinning" to a product on IHAN, that recognizes IHAN and shows a direct link are fine. But, I do think those that pin to flickr and not recognizing the creator, or those that pin a photo without direct recognition to the source, should be challenged. Same goes for a blogger that posts such a photo. So, I can't necessarily condemn Pinterest and support closing an account, as much as encourage everyone to keep their pinterest account and help champion good pinning behavior, especially for those that enjoy the world of quilting.

    Pinterest is going to be around for a long time. So, to help with good PR of those in the quilting business, I'd rather take the high road of encouraging good pinterest behavior and "challenging" those that don't.

    But, this is my opinion and I truly do respect yours.


    1. Just wanted to share that you inspired me to do more research into this matter. I'm still investigating, but I do think you took the appropriate action to shut down your boards and raise attention to this matter. I too have now closed down my boards and I'll continue to investigate. Thanks for sharing your opinion and challenging me to rethink my logic. There is some murky waters in the world of Pinterest that I had overlooked.


  4. Thanks for the reference Kelly.

    If you want to get all your pictures removed from Pinterest in one fell swoop I suggest you read my follow-up post Takedown: How Pinterest moved fast to remove my pinned images (#2)

    For the sake of a letter, it's very fast, very effective and you don't need to employ a lawyer to get them all off the site!

    They will then be automatically removed from all the boards they have been pinned to. No need for anybody else to do anything - so long as you ask for a site-wide "cease and desist" takedown for your blog.

  5. I added the no pinning code to my blog awhile ago, but have hesitated making any kind of blog announcement because of the controversy. I hate controversy! I guess remaining silent isn't a good thing either though...people need to know the bad side of Pinterest as well as the good side.

  6. I deleted my account the other day just because it was too much of a time suck...

  7. I've never gotten an account because of the "time suck" issue. But I have wondered about the issue of sharing pictures that aren't yours. And I only recently read that you really should be getting permission before pinning a picture-which I would have never guessed and I doubt most people do. I also did not know that once your picture is up, Pinterst claims basically all rights to it. It's a tough situation because both sides of the argument have good points. But I don't think it's okay to pin images when the owner of the images doesn't want them up and has specifically asked not to have them put on Pinterest.

  8. Well this whole Pinterest thing is a pain. I love Pinterest because it is a fabulous memory aid. I can't remember where I've seen something I want/like, and Pinterest helps. Favorites only works if you want to click through a million things you've saved to find the thing you kind of remember. I understand the copyright issues, but I also think that most anything posted on the internet is available to other people who could illegally use without permission. I do think when you pin it would be nice if Pinterest would ask the originating site for permission to pin the specific photo, as well as approve the sourcing or description--that would solve the issue. As far as asking everyone for permission, well I could ask you, but by the time you say yes or no, I may have forgotten what it was I wanted to pin or why--and frankly to write it all out--"blue close up of quilt on post dated xxxxx, which is like grandma's but has a better border--not the first blue one but the second" seems a bit much. Just my opinion. Pinterest will need to evolve and so will we. That being said, IF I have posted anything of yours (or anyone else's), let me know and I'll happily remove it, but truthfully I would think of pins as advertising for your business...I would think they would drive a fair amount of traffic to you, and would be a great way to get new followers or customers.

  9. Kelly, thanks for sharing about these issues. I was amazed to see all of the images from Lilypadquilting that had been pinned. One thing I am going to do from now on, is to place my blog name on EVERY image that I upload. I work so hard to keep a lot of good content addition to my full time job. I had no idea that people could steal things and not give credit. I'm kinda glad that I never jumped on the pinterest wagon! LOL

  10. I am just going to weigh in on this subject...I wish that Pinterest was not so public...I would make every one of my boards private...I only pin as a way of managing bookmarks so I can easily find inspirations and tutorials I want to return to. I am not reposting anything to a blog or purporting anything to be my own work. I simply like it and may want to be able to find it again.

    That being said, I respect your not wanting your things to be "out there"...which sort of defeats the purpose of having a blog with tutorials anyway. Many bloggers actually have a "Pin It" button at the end of each post to make it easy to pin them. Nevertheless, I am unsubscribing to your blog in my reader so I won't accidentally pin any of your posts and I am removing anything I may have posted of yours on Pinterest. BTW, you can notify Pinterest and they will remove all your photos from everyone's boards.

  11. Thank you for posting about this growing issue. Thankfully I never joined Pinterest and I only found one of my photos there but now I will be putting that code on my blog as well as watermarking my photos.

  12. I just think it is so sad that people are not honest and things have to be taken to this extreeme. Just sayin! But I do agree with what you have said!

  13. I thought being a creative spirit made us all a little less greedy and more sharing of the beauty we are capable of creating with our art. It saddens me that some artists are taking the stance of being so unsharing & possessive about their art being used in such a harmless manner So-what if some housewives, or college kids use our art to decorate their MySpace Page or create an avatar, or add our art to a Pinterest board like a scrapbook?! Just print your name/website on your images.


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