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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's New at IHAN and Lots More

There was a reader who requested photos of the orange halo....and you know I take photos of almost everything...LOL.

This photo doesn't really do the "Orange Halo" was glowing orange!  ROFL still.

A bit of a co-worker up-date:

We have a proud artist on our hands here.  Check out the castle he made at school....
And the frog he made with clay.
You have to look closely....see what is in the Frogs mouth?  Other than his tongue?  I laughed out loud and asked Aaron why the Frog ate his baby and Aaron said with exasperation, "Mom, that is a fly!"
 PEEK!  Look I am...under the cushions.

Before the co-workers came along, we lived in South Carolina.  We had the pleasure of buying new furniture for our home and we choose a sofa that is almost 8 feet long.  I had a fit if the girls ate on the sofa and every day I flipped the cushions so they would last.  9 years later....the co-workers use them as their personal crash pad and I've given up trying to keep them clean all the time.  If only I could have let the girls take their turn with jumping all over them....Live and Learn!

On to IHAN News:

Did you see that IHAN has a new Category?  WHATS NEW AT IHAN
It is right at the bottom of the Catalog on the right hand side of the page...I've got it marked HERE in the photo above.  Just in case you are wondering what is NEW at can always just click on that link and see.   

Also New at IHAN:

There is also a new sub-heading in the Sizzix Fabric Cutters Category.  There is a new link for all dies that are compatible with the Vagabond and Big Shot  Fabric Cutting Machines.  Click HERE if you own one of those wonderful Fabric Cutting Machines :)
Now on to packing for the big Fishing Trip...which I hope you all know I'm not really going Fishing...that's my way of saying I'm out of the office :)


  1. Have fun on your fishing trip!!!!! Tell your cohort hello... P.S., If only we could get thread in that shade of orange (wink).

  2. You're such a fashionista, lol, too funny! I LOVE your co-worker's castle, that is awesome, and so is the frog! I remember those fort days...sigh. And Sam used to start across the room, run as fast as he could, and do a somersault in the air onto the couch. He did that for hours....I'm so glad I let him....

  3. You mean it's not "normal" to have an orange halo after a home dye! Oh wonder people have been looking at me strangely over the years lol!

  4. Wonderful budding artist you have there. Love the Castle and the fly eating Frog!

  5. The castle, the frog and the fort! How wonderful! Brings back many memories of my kids! That Vagabond is on my wish list...I may just have to get an external hard drive for that wish list...I keep adding to it every time I read your blog! LOL have a wonderful trip! We will miss you.

  6. Your little artist has quite a bit of talent!!! That is wonderful!!

  7. I love the castle! What a great job! The frog is adorable!
    Have a great "fishing trip"!

  8. I thought sofas were for forts?! I've only ever had one new sofa and I knew I would obsess so I called in the kids on the first day and we had a jump fest just to get the new off.

  9. That is the coolest fly I've ever seen!


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