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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Talk About Addictive

Addictive in a good way....naturally! :)  I know many of you are not into Machine Embroidery but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate the results...right?  Right :)

I had a wedding shower to go to last Saturday and I knew I was going to be giving a gift card because the couple live out of state and they'll be moving soon...a gift card is just the right size and weight for travel.  I still wanted to give them something fun to open at their shower.  Check these out.....

I used Floriani threads because I love the way the colors have a shine that just pops the design.  I didn't want hoop marks on the towels because I was them the same day so I used Floriani Perfect Stick stabilizer.   I just hooped the stabilizer and positioned the towel, pressed it down and I was good to go.

 Call me corney if you must...but I have always liked hand towels and kitchen towels that have a pretty design on them.  I think they are sort of decadent....clearly not required....but fun and frivolous to have.  Like kitchen / bathroom jewelry if you will.

What I'd like to know is how on earth anyone does Machine Embroidery without excellent tweezers and a pair of very fine pointed and sharp scissors?  I used my Famore Micro Fine Tweezers and my Dovo Embroidery Scissors to cut the fine threads from the back.  All the other tweezers I own would not pull just one or two threads....and I needed to do that here and I'm thinking if anyone who doesn't have a pair of Famore Micro Fine Tweezers needs to get some lickity kidding.  By the way, if you do order them from IHAN and decide you don't think they are the bomb I'm telling you they are....I'll refund your money along with paying the shipping too.   The tweezers were great to get that little bit of stabilizer off the back in the tiny spaces too.

This is another one I made for them....I loved the Eggplant design.  Naturally I made them others and in my race to the finish line I didn't take photos.  I literally finished the towels within a 1/2 hour of needing to leave to go to the shower.  Do you know anyone else like that?  :)

Switching topics here....I've gotten a lot of e-mails asking how the Flamingos are doing.  They are just fine and in the same place that I showed you last time.  When the folks who own them get around to moving them...I'll be sure to get another photo to update everyone.  I was thinking about sneaking over there and doing something funny with them to give the owners some pleasure and humor....but then I was afraid it might not be the best thing to do....I'd be I didn't.

While tutoring at my co-workers school last week, a little girl wanted to show me the book she had just written.  I asked to take a pix and she let me.....and since it isn't identifiable....I'm posting photos here to share with you a few moments of joy and humor that was written by a 9 year old little girl.

I hope you can read each page....



  1. Kids are so inhibited in what they create. Love the tea towels.

  2. I must be corny too....I luv fancy linen tea towels....not a big fan of the terry towels for drying dishes. I am a hand enbroiderer and luv it. I do have a Janome 1100, and you can smack my hand....all that money and I don't do any of the fancy embroidery it offers. I've had it for about 6 years now...I often say I'm going to take the lessons but never do.....I lied, I did take lesson #1...5 years ago and forgot everything I learned. Luv that you shared the 'bathtub' story....I'm smiling in Michigan...too cute!! Thanks for the humor Kelly...I think you should come to Michigan for a play date of quilting. Have a wonderful day...(o:

  3. I was thinking it might be time to make some use out of my embroidery machine, guess I need to read the manual, lol. That book is so cute, love the rhyming.


  4. I love your little towels and you're right, that thread really makes the design pop!
    I love the book, too. I taught 2nd grade and we wrote tons of little books. They were all so adorable to me. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Cute story. I too love embroidering towels and tea towels.

  6. I love your towels, beautiful! If you had a like button for the book I would click it. lol Too cute!

  7. Beautiful towels!! You chose just the right colors to make them soooo lifelike! Keep it up & I'll have to subcontract out to you!! And you're abSEWlutley right about the tools - I have a pair of those teeny tiny scissors and pointy Famore tweezers - they are priceless and beyond compare! Don't know how anyone who does ME can get along without 'em. When I picked my Baby up from his (SECOND in a month! grrrrr!!) servicing, there was a lady there taking a lesson on hers - she said she'd had it 5 years and it was the first time out of its box.

    She said if she'd known how much fun it was and what the results were, she would have started a long time ago. So, for all you out there who are not yet utilizing your fancy machines - bite the bullet and just do it! You will not regret it!

    We used to "bird" our neighbors in NC all the time....sometimes we'd move one or two of his flamingoes, and sometimes we'd just add another one to his collection & wait for him to discover it.

    Thanks for sharing the bathtub book - what a delight!

  8. Your embroidery is so pretty..what a great gift!!! Cute little book...TFS

  9. One does ones best when under pressure...& you did!

    Love the story and pictures...thank you and the young girl for sharing...

  10. I like decorative towels too. I use them to distract guests from the everyday...mop up everything towels I use in the kitchen....
    The book I'd darling....

  11. I am corny too my friend, I love decorative towels.....

  12. I, too, love the decorative towels. I just finished up two sets of Easter ones myself. Yours are really lovely and what a nice gift it made.

    Darling book!!

  13. Those towels are really nice. Terrific job.

  14. I love the towels and the story is the cutest. Who's design did you use for the towels. I am always looking for sources of good ME.


  15. I'm truly delighted to hear that you too are getting addicted to machine embroidery. Love what you created. And, I love the little girl's creative book too!


  16. Kelly, I tell you that machine embroidery is totally addictive! I did all those blocks for the quilt I am making for my brother and I just want to do MORE. heeheehee Problem is, I need more time.

    I love the book, she may well grow up to be a writer!

  17. Are those scissors straight or curved at the tip? I can't use anything but curved for machine embroidery - so much easier to get those jump threads. YES on the tweezers too!
    Love the towels Kelly, especially the peas. That little girl's book is darling too!

  18. There isn't a napkin, kitchen or bath hand towel in this house that doesn't have machine embroidery on it, too fun. My husband tells people that's why we use cloth napkins, so I have more reasons to run that machine.

  19. great embroidered, not just great, they are really pretty too.

    I am addicted to machine embroidery too. Problem is, I do WAY less than I would like to because I am afraid of something not going "right". I usually want my friend (who is really good at it) to be near as my safety net.


  20. OH, those are so pretty. The thread is so shiny.
    cute little book.

  21. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the book!!!! And LOVE the towel(s)!! They are too pretty to use, and yep you are right like jewlery for the kitchen and bath. Perfect gift to go with the GC!! Way to go girl, they are goin' be lovin' you, just like me!!!


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