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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Fun Stuff

Wow, I got a lot of feedback from yesterdays post.  Before I move on today, I want to say that I'm not upset with anyone and I don't have any negative feelings about Pinterest.  I just want to be sure before I have another account that I learn what it all means so I'm not doing anything I should not be doing.  I'm all about having fun!

Speaking of fun....did you know Floriani has introduced 60 brand new colors of embroidery thread? 

They arrived yesterday and I'm telling you I was drooling.  I put them on my front porch in the natural sunlight in hopes the colors would show up well.  Here is another photo:

Some how they just look more exciting on my front porch :)  So if you are looking for some new color....hop over and check them out..  You will also receive 10 Free Spring Jacket Back Designs from shipping charged on the free designs :)  With the free designs you will be saving a total of $279.99!!
Spring?  Really?  I'm sorry but it is over 80 degrees here in Ohio today and it feels more like mid-Summer to me!!  Just look at the bush in my front yard:
People, this is March....not June or is so odd to me to have it this warm so soon.  Do you think people will begin scheduling their Spring Break Vacations in Ohio?  Can you even imagine?  LOL

I've added a WHATS NEW at IHAN Category over on the website.  You can see what has been added recently.  There are so many things that are added weekly that I can't even keep up.

Hot Sweaty Smiles,


  1. What is with these crazy temperatures. You're hot and we're chilly!!!!

    Beautiful colors on those threads!!!

  2. It got up to 48 here... woo hoo!

    Those are beautiful colors! And they look much better on your porch than in the studio shot.

  3. It was 80 to day in Stratford Canada. Personally I don`t like it no spring again and everything sprouting before time. I`just hope we don``t have a big snow storm. Blessings Sandra

  4. Wonderful weather isn't it?! First time in 29 years of marriage that we have been able to celebrate our anniversary with a picnic...there's usually still snow on the ground!

  5. Quit trying to tempt me with the shiny new Floriani threads! I am trying to save some money to pay off my credit card that I maxxed out buying the embroidery machine!

  6. The hotter the better, chickee!!! We're almost into summer down here in South Texas!!! Bright, sunny, and a sky too beautiful for words! Windows wide open, bringing in clean, clear air and hearing lots of birds singing for all they're worth!!

  7. We had this crazy weather in NE Ohio two years ago- I spent March on my front porch knitting a prayer shawl for my godmother. At least that summer wasn't as hot as last year! (As it was our first year in Ohio, we loved it but last year the damp really made my arhtritis and scoliotic spine and hips ache LOL!)

  8. Oh look at those yummy colors from Floriani! Woohoo! Not that I need any - I haven't touched my tubs full of embroidery thread in ages. Your tree is gorgeous. I was out this afternoon taking pics of the magnolia tree across the street, IN FULL BLOOM, yikes - it was 86 today. The weatherman was reminding us that 90% of the time, we get a hard freeze in April - so don't start planting, lol...that's ok, I kill everything I touch!


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