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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Let's Roll"

"Let's Roll" is a powerful phrase....and who ever broke into Patsy and Ernie's car in Corbin, KY didn't realize they were messing with an elite group of extremely well armed Quilters....rob one of've robbed all of us. 

I can only imagine the darkness that is going on in the person or person's life that broke into their car and stole a laptop, quilts, embroidery machine, threads and notions.   I do hope that something good comes out of this that's my honest wishes.   Y'all know I"m not a mean spirited person....but I do enjoy partaking in my dark side on occasion.  In the photo above, you may be looking at what might happen to the robbers if I were into Voodoo...ROFL.  It just ain't so smart to be messing with middle aged women who has rotary cutters, hot irons and a host of other very dangerous sharp objects.  They just might find themselves used as an applique and pressed down very hard upon with a very hot iron....then zig zag stitched all around their borders (naked borders) ya know what I mean?  

One guess would be,  they are very disappointed in their haul because it isn't exactly easy to sell a quilt that was made by someone else....and quilters are so connected that someone will see it and the "cat will be out of the bag" so to speak.
 I once heard that if you are ever out of town and need help...don't dial a are much more likely to get the help you need.  I laughed when I heard that but you's probably very true.

When you think about it...and if everyone within a 5 state radius of KY checked their Craigslist listings for Embroidery Machine and Babylock Ellismo to see if possibly there are any new listings....we might be able to locate Patsy's machine.  I did enter a google alert for Craigslist and both Babylock Elissimo and Embroidery Machine.  I'm not sure if that will work or not...but I figured it was worth a try.  

Patsy's work is so unique it won't be difficult to spot so if we all keep our eyes and ears open...ya just never know what may happen.

I'm telling you it just isn't smart to go messing with a Quilter!!

Evil Smiles,


  1. I'm near Louisville and will keep my eyes on Craigslist!

  2. You tell 'em, Kelly! And boy is it the truth! We've had cars broken into multiple times and we live way out in the boonies. They say it's usually someone who knows a neighbor...and isn't that so sad! It was in all of our cases...trying to get drug money by stealing and selling our stuff. Again..stuff that was only special to us!

    I've got voodoo dolls, I've got lots and lots of pins..I'm just sayin'!!!

  3. Not that the situation is humorous but i almost hurt myself laughing when i noticed the pincushion -lol

  4. Ok I'm gonna check and recheck. You are great and I'm glad you are my friend.


  5. I'll keep an eye out, too. let me catch this bandit - I will put him between the rollers of a longarm and stick him with pins!

  6. Your pincushion is hilarious, the deed is not. Thank you for publicizing this far and wide. Somehow I doubt I'll see these quilts where I live, but you never know...

  7. I'm too far away (Saskatchewan Canada) to help you catch the nasty bugger but I'll send up a little prayer that someone tracks him down. And if you do I'll come running with my rotary cutter. Move over Lorena Bobbit!

  8. What a shame! I do hope that the culprit is caught and the items can be recovered.

  9. Very cute and great ideas too. I think we seriously need to create a Quilt Thief voodoo doll for quilters to stick pins in. I'd buy one and stick all sorts of pins in for what they did to sweet Patsy!

    Great idea on Craigslist too!


  10. I like the hot iron idea....Way to go! It is a really big compliment, though. Think about it. They loved the quilts so much, they broke into a car for them! Little comfort, I know. I hope they find all their things soon!

  11. LOL..... I got an extra laugh about the "irons, rotary cutters" thing. I am reading a book where the victim met her end with a hot glue gun! (but I am sure it wasn't the crafter that killed her.)

  12. Absolutely Kelly! Don't mess with quilters! And I think you're right about calling a quilter instead of 911, lol - if you need stitches, especially!

    I'm thinking it might be a good idea for us quilters to decorate our machines, might make them harder to sell and easier to find if they're stolen. Hm.

  13. Ohhh Kelly...your little green what you call him? lol I can hardly believe anyone would ever steal from a quilter unless it was their heart of course...yes 911 not in your life..i would certainly call a quilter and have lol

  14. I am curious where in Corbin this happened. I live about an hour away from there and a couple of years ago my aunt was robbed in the McDonalds parking lot on her way to see me. The McDonalds is in the Pilot gas station. According to the employee there are many robberies there. I hate that it happened to anyone and such wonderful things. I will be praying that conviction come upon the person(s) who took them and all items are found by a quilter who peruses the internet; thereby, knowing where to send them.

  15. Many many years ago, my husband's car was broken into. At the time, he was a salesman for a college textbook company. We often wonder how the thieves reacted when they realized they had stolen books! Let's home Patsy's thieves do not realize the value of what they have stolen.

  16. is that one of the musinex guys???
    I am a mean spirited person (but my friends tell me I'm NICE and I tell them not to spread such lies, anyway) I hope they ... well I won't say it on here since you have been such a gracious hostess!!

  17. Poke him a couple of times for me will ya?


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