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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Not Sewing....

It's thread painting...or so I told my 17 year old nephew this morning.  His new job doesn't start until the end of next week and I figured he needed something to  fill his time.  This morning I suggested he learn to use a sewing machine.  To make it a little more appealing...I called it thread painting.

I gave Nick a short lesson and set the machine up for free motion quilting and let him go.  Here is his first piece:
 He's getting the hang of it....
I even saw something that looked like a bird.
Once he got the feeling for the machine....he just took off...
 There was no need for that "suggested glass of wine" to relax....he was cool as a cucumber...zipping along...
While I was upstairs working this is what he made.....
He's not even finished yet...but I had to recommend he stop sewing for awhile....the machine had been going for a few hours and I thought it might need a break!  I've never sat with my BSR going for 2 or 3 hours.....I'm so jealous!

I do want to encourage him and his art....but I may have to consider dipping into his college funds to replace some of my thread....I still can't believe how many times I had to wind bobbins for him.  He was using my Aurifil thread ....I guess I'm a pretty nice Aunt :)  

What he needs is more he can make a quilt.  I think I'm going to hook him up with a collection of fabrics and let him his words, "I'm just  "improvising."  I wish I had learned to sew with his method....he seems so much more relaxed that I ever was.

All the while he was creating his art....this is what I made:
 A mess...that's all....just a mess.  Paper piecing is not a very clean sport ya know.  

What?  Did I hear someone ask about what the Flamingos are up to today?  Well....just by chance I did see them...
I think they are relaxing and discussing what their next adventure will be.



  1. Wow. What creativity. I made my own mess this weekend with paper piecing and improv blocks for QuiltCon. Mailed them out today. Just met the deadline.

  2. I think your nephew is a natural at threadart and you are a great teacher/great aunt.

    Glad the Flamingos are planning another great adventure. After all the Olympics they definitely deserve a break.


  3. LOVE it.. it is so nice to see younger folks getting into fiber arts even if just for fun. You are WAAAAY nice to let him use the Aurifil for this.

  4. Love thread painting and the gab session is a real hoot or honk--what sound does a flamingo make?? XOXO

  5. Wow! That is one talented dude!

    I absolutely love what you do with those flamingos. Too funny!

  6. He's a natural on the thread painting thing. Just saying...Give him some time with your buddy Jean from the guild and he will be rocking the socks off other quilters.

    Keep encouraging him!

    P.S. I know this makes you smile knowing that the lightbulb went off in your nephew's head. You're a good auntie!

  7. Ahh... 'cool as a cucumber' --- there ya go! How fun for him... and you! Good times Kelli!

  8. Wow. That is some fantastic thread painting. I'm very impressed.


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