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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thats Why They Call It Patchwork :)

Before I get to the Patchwork part....I think many of you will want get some Olympic Updates.

I'm not sure if these are "Official Olympic Results" ...I'm just reporting what I saw!

Yesterday morning brought an awards ceremony. I stopped to congratulate the winners.  I'm guessing these are the Olympians from the weight lifting and gymnastics team ...from last report.

Fierce Flamingo Fencing

A mini-Dream Team

Flamingo Beach Volleyball....isn't this incredible?

I'm so grateful to the couple who put so much time, effort and money into giving us a smile each day.


I just figured out why quilting is referred to as patchwork.  Some of us are not as sharp as others sometimes....LOL  I finished the UK quilt top yesterday and this is what it looks like:
It needs to be pressed etc....but it is finished and it doesn't look all that complicated does it?  A quilter would just draw out a scale and write down the dimensions, cut the fabric, sew the pieces together...right?   This quilter just so happened to draw up no less than 8 pattern options....then draw out the dimensions....I measured and measured and measured....cut.  Wrong....the blocks were not the same size.  After a few more attmepts...I call in the National Guard....Mr. McSteamy.  Yep....he had to do it twice too!  ROFL

Then I changed where I put the one border and it was therefore not long I did some PATCHWORK :)

How this happened is beyond me.  This was supposed to be a quick little project for my son-in-law as a sofa throw.  Now the border looks nothing like my plan....but hey....the top is finished and I'm guessing no one on earth will really give a hoot.  Now to baste it ....wish me luck.

By the way....I've decided I do have an expertise.  I'm going to give graduate level courses at the Quilt University.  The title of the class?  Un-Sewing....only for experts....are you going to take the class?  I'll need to know because there is a limited number of seats available.  ROFL



  1. I swear I do more un-sewing than sewing. That would probably make me a good substitute teacher. LOL!

    I love the flamingos! That just totally cracks me up!!!!

    Thanks for the call this morning. I needed it. :-) Thanks for blessing me with your friendship.

  2. How I love those flamingos, lol - that couple is incredibly creative! Kelly your quilt is awesome. And yes, sign me up for your class, although I'm an expert too and could probably teach my own!

  3. ROF! Flamingo beach volleyball!! That takes the cake! mmmm...CAKE! mmm....might have to go find me some!

    Ah, yes, UNsewing. Also an expert here, like sooo many others. I've heard you can't be good at putting stuff together until you know how to take it apart, so we must all be good! :)

    You did a good job patching those pieces - not sure I could manage as well. Thank heavens for spouses that can do math & are willing to share. Now, if we could just get them to become sewing machine techs in their spare time...we could save lots of time & money too!!

  4. Oh how I love yard art and that is a great display! Love your patchwork too.

  5. The Flamingos are a reason to get up each day. I would love to have them on my street... The throw will be AweSOME, and you're right... no one will notice, especially if you make cookies!

  6. Thanks for the "Olympic" update. If you don't get your embroidery machine before Christmas I will have to make something with those flamingos on it from Embroidery Library and send it to you as a thank you gift to them for all this fun.

    I sure do hate it when the measurements don't add up. I'm sure your SIL will enjoy his quilt.


  7. I call it Design on the fly.... My mama called it "flybythe seat of your pants...
    By all thats fun I love your neighbors....

  8. OHHH, sign me up! I am an expert at UN sewing. I would get a gold medal for it. The real volleyball olympic winners would love that your flamingo's have wanted to compete too.
    Pam from NC

  9. I guess I will be in the class too. lol
    I don't think your SIL will care much.
    Loving the Flamingo Olympics. I needed something to smile about today. thanks.

  10. Thanks for the wonderful flamingo olympian pictures! I love them. I need to sign up for your class. If you can keep your sense of humor with all that "undoing" and not give up, you're my kind of instructor. :D

  11. Un-sewing is my specialty. And you have a limited number of seats?? I would think it was an UN limited number. And boy howdy, those flamingos are certainly sweeping the medals. Someone sure has been taking a lot of thought and time in creating their sports. Wish someone would let the press know about these special birds.

  12. I think I already have my Masters in unsewing, I'll be glad to be your substitute if you need to miss a class. Thanks for flamingos, they always make me smile.

  13. Great flag quilt. Amazing how the Olympics has inspired: you make a quilt, other stage flamingo games! Ha ha ha

  14. These flamingos are just so talented. Glad to see them win so many trophies. Best Olympics celebration ever!

    And, I'd love to take a class from you at QU on Reverse Sewing. I just can't seem to piece a quilt without doing some level of reverse sewing.


    BTW - The Desert Quilt Retreat has ladies that are available to help anyone that needs reverse sewing. This allows you to keep sewing, while they do the reverse sewing. Isn't that a great idea for a retreat?

  15. Love the flamingos! What a delight. The throw is going to be wonderful - I look forward to seeing the finished beauty. Great job!

  16. I think If I count up my hours correctly I have a Doctorit in un-sewing!! Just call me Dr. Josie!! The sewing part I am still working on at a remedial level!! LOL!

  17. I LOVE IT!! Patchwork is what I specialize in! And you need to thank your neighbors for all of us, love, love, love the birds!

  18. Yes, please save me a place in your unquilting class. I will be an experienced student. And, I love how the couple commended the olympics. What a great idea. Lane

  19. Those flamingos.....I always have a blast seeing what they've been up to. Yeah for them winning a few medals for the old US of A.


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