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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Reliable V-50 Iron Wow's Again! Anyone Surprised?

If it surprises really shouldn't.....I've been saying this is the most incredible iron for quite some time....then Oprah caught on (I think she really needs to read my blog don't you?...Oh wait, maybe that is how she learned about the iron in the first place.  Quit laughing....ya just never know.)...and now we have another V-50 lover.....who will be next?  
 Nick, my nephew, has joined the IHAN clan.  He needed to iron a shirt and asked if he could use our iron.  (I know it is shocking that a 17 year old would care to iron a shirt and actually know is true :)  I told him there is one set up in our bedroom and he could feel free to use it.  A few minutes later he came down wearing a nicely pressed shirt and said, "JoJo, that is the best iron I've ever used in my life, where did you get it?"  ....his exact words.

After Nick's response to the Reliable V-50 Iron I asked him if he'd be willing to let me use his words and pix for a blog post....and he agreed....good kid ay?

I have to say, I still get a kick out of people telling me how much they like their V-50 and all I can says is....I told ya so....and then I giggle.  I do like being right....I know that's arrogant...but sometimes...I just can't help but indulge in a little bit of my dark side.  Does that ever happen to you?

Not much is going on around here that is new....I'm waiting to see the Dr. about this "change of life" situation.  I'm telling you it has taken the Kelly right out of me.  You may have noticed I don't blog as much and there are fewer reviews....but until someone can help me resurrect the Kelly in me....then this will just have to do.

The Flamingos do keep me going....such a fun and entertaining part of my day.  Check out their latest activities:
The Flamingo Family has a new ring-leader :)  Guess what she had them all doing?
I just know she wasn't making them march in this must have been a Flamingo Parade :)

Last night Waldo and I went to our Applique Group and on the way I spotted this car....and for a moment I was transported back to Mayberry RFD.

I didn't slip into time travel at was really sitting there....another reason to smile and be grateful for those simple joys in my every day.  While I'm waiting for the "Kelly resurrection" I might as well find some fun stuff to keep myself going.



  1. Your nephew is a perfect model! He should think about that for extra money!!!
    When you get past the hot flashes, you'll feel so free! No more worrying about pregnancy, PMS, cramps, headaches, etc. It can be really a wonderful time in your life!

  2. Nick is a great "iron model" ha ha. I love my V-50, as you probably already know. My only complaint is that it is a heavy drinker. ehhehe

  3. Nick is an adorable model! And I'm glad he's part of our V-50 fan club. We love to get new devotees!!!!!

  4. Hurray for NIck...I too am a fan of Reliable ..I will never use any other iron again...
    it presses like no tomorrow and Nick is amazing...
    and I laughed at Gene's comment..they do drink their share of H2O lol.

    1. ps. that change of much as it does bring on changes...once you pass them, there are sew many wonderful events to will the iron..
      you too will giggle at those going through I can giggle at you now...
      trust us ladies who are through it..this, YOU will be an amazing or more amazing than YOU are now lol

  5. Next up on my purchase list is a Reliable Iron. I do know when you recommend anything, it must be GREAT. Speaking of which, I saw Famore at the IQF Quilt Show and told them you recommended them to me and I had fallen in love with their products. I think I helped to sell a few, while standing at their booth. One woman was the one that hula hooped with you.

    I agree with Samm, as life will get better once you get thru this phase of life. But good to check in with your Dr. to see what they recommend.


  6. Cute story and glad to hear that you have another V-50 fan. Hopefully you will feel more like yourself soon. I dread that part of life coming my way way too soon.

  7. I so love the flamingo antics. I'm sure they're gold medal winners. I don't know a thing about the iron but I trust so many love it. The change of thing ever to happen for me...even the not so fun process is cause for celebration!

  8. He is just way to cute! I have a 17 year old daughter for him! LOL

  9. Kelly,what's going on? Is it the change? I hate that word. But is that what is going on? Are you going thru menopause? I have been for 13 years. Well, about a month ago the hot flashes finally slowed down, but other than the hot flashes, I didn't feel different. Jeanne


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