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Monday, August 27, 2012

Nah....that rumor isn't true!

The rumor about me falling off the face of the earth is just plain not true!!!  We arrived home safely on Saturday night :)  Sunday I had to get the boys supplies for school ready, hair cuts etc...and I came home with a nasty sinus thing (yucky crud). 

I had all those orders that came in while I was out and about having the time of my life, a Dr. apt....and my in-laws arrived today.....SOOOOOO...that is why I didn't get back to that post about who those folks in the photos are.  Trust me...I'll get there ....ya just have to have a wee bit of patience with me.

In the meantime......lets check in with the Flamingo's....

Sniffley Smiles,


  1. ROL - Glad to see the Flamingos are getting a top notch education. And, to hear you are back home safe & sound. Enjoy time visiting with your inlaws. I'm sure they are delighted to spend time with the IHAN family.


  2. Whattareya tryin' to say here--education is for the birds???!!! Wise guy!

  3. By all that holy I love your neighbors... and we probably will never ever meet...
    thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Oh my goodness! The flamingoes are sitting on a bench that is identical to one in my bedroom.
    Give yourself a chance to rest - you don't want to get really sick!

  5. Sorry that the sinues aren't behaving. And I hope those flamingos are prepped to study hard this year.

  6. Too cute, I love these people who ever they are. Take care of yourself, I know you don't have time to slow down, but do your best.

  7. Love, love those cute birds! Thank you for taking the time to post about them, those pictures always bring a smile to my face.

  8. All of this weird weather we've been having all over the country doesn't help the sinus's. Sorry. Love those flamingos!

  9. I love the "uniform" look for school with the Flamingos. My daughters wore uniforms and oh so easy for the morning rush. I'm sorry you're feeling under-the-weather; I've had two bouts with sinusitis and am now on a regiment of Flo-nase to keep them in tack. Hope you're feeling better soon, XOXO

  10. that is funny... Love those flamingoes. Been crazy busy here. Major canning action going on here. Off to run errands. then it's a hugely busy next couple of days!

  11. hah!hah! I hope those flamingos learn a lot this year.

  12. Glad you are home safe....and those flamingos are soooooooooooooooo funny. Hope you feel better..sinus problems are no fun.

  13. Love the flamingos, that'll be me next week. Airplanes are bad for getting colds, hope you feel better.

  14. ROFL - oh those flamingos!!!! I hope you feel better quick, hon!


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