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Saturday, December 26, 2009

There Arose Such A Clatter...or was that a Thud?

And the Clatter was me falling into bed with a THUD.  I would have slept on dirty dishes I was so tired last night....oh that's was 4am and that is yesterday now.  (However it is 1:40 I'm not thinking I'm doing much better tonight).  We did wrap all the bows however....that was just more than we could handle.  So the gifts were partially naked.

It pays to have IHAN at Christmas.  We needed boxes of every size and shape....and I had them the garage.  I use recycled boxes so I keep them stacked in the garage.  It was a breeze getting the right shapes and sizes but the wrapping was not such a breeze.  I think I'll just use stickers next time.  Perhaps "Priority Mail" stickers will come in green and red next year...LOL. 

Zach and Aaron sang carols last night and again today.  They were so animated it was a great time.  This morning Zach got so excited about his Christmas gift from Santa that he ran outside onto the front porch and screamed, "Thank You Santa....I love my present."  So wonderful.

The boys leave Santa and the reindeer cookies and carrots/celery.  Santa leaves them gifts and letters.  They boys just love the letters and seem so thrilled that Santa remembers things that they did this past summer.  It is so fun to see their faces when I read them the letters.

I'll post some pix soon....but as it is it is almost 2am on the 26th and I need to get some "beauty" rest.  My definition of beauty rest is getting enough sleep so I can see the beauty in the day!!!

I hope your day was wonderful and filled with gratitude.



  1. I love what Zach did... sooo cute! Happy day after... and big hugs.

  2. Glad you had a wonderful day! Nice memories for the boys. Hope you get some rest.

  3. What a wonderful Christmas. My heart is happy just knowing how excited your boys were on Christmas morning! But I hope you can find time for a cat nap, and soon a good night's sleep!

    Enjoy & stay healthy!



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