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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Virtual Christmas Quilt Show at SewCalGal

Darlene from SewCalGal is hosting a Virtual Christmas Quilt Show.  Not only is there a show, but an opportunity to win some really wonderful prizes too.  This is my entry:

"Christmas Baltimore"

These blocks are 12 of  Elly Sienkiewicz's patterns from her Baltimore Album books.  It is needle turn applique done in  red and green fabrics.  The quilt is 74 x 94 and was made in 1994. 

I love Baltimore Album quilts.  Red and Green just happen to be two of my favorite colors too.  So, naturally I love this quilt. 

I was turning 30 that year and did not like it one bit.  I was unmarried and had no children.  I had a great career but the fella I was dating at the time was definitely not marriage material.  Sitting at my desk I decided I needed to get away.  So I phoned the travel agent and gave them my credit card number.  I told them I wanted to leave for a week, send me anywhere in the world but bring me back in one week.

Then I walked down the hall to my boss' office and asked for a week off.  I knew that would not be a problem but I figured I better ask first since it was that next week.  

By the time I got back to my desk the travel agent phoned me to tell me I was going on a cruise leaving that Sunday returning the following Sunday.  Cool beans!!!

I had the time of my life.  I danced on deck during the parties (yes alone) and went to shows, snorkeled, para-sailed, shopped, slept, ate and exercised when I wanted to.  No one could believe I was alone.  Like traveling alone is unheard of or something.

While snorkeling I learned about nude beaches.  A bit of a surprise to me because I had never experienced this before.   I was jealous of how comfortable these people were.  Being fair skinned I have always feared the sun.  But, I was turning 30, and I felt like had not yet lived.  So.....yep you guessed it!!!  I walked way down the beach where no one could see me....I mean no one!  I put my towel down....took off my swimsuit....laid on my towel....I figured 30 seconds was plenty of time to be able to claim I had done some nude sun bathing.  On went my suit....up came the towel and I walked away all proud of myself. 

You may be asking yourself, "What does turning 30 and nude sun bathing have to do with a Christmas Baltimore?" 

The quilt was made the year I turned 30. 

My dear friend Mary Jane made the quilt and loaned the picture and details to me so I could have a quilt in the Virtual Christmas Quilt Show.  Since I don't really have a story to go with it....I figured I would tell you a story about the same time the quilt was being made.

So there you have it....a story and a quilt.  I qualify now!!!  



  1. Girl, we ARE going to have to see about having those screws tighten ;-)

  2. Your lovely story made me smile a lot!!

  3. GREAT STORY! LOL! I love your sassyness! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  4. Love, love your quilt and your freedom to enjoy!! Happy Holidays!

  5. wow, this is a labor of love! What a wonderful quilt. Your story is hilarious. I only went au naturale on the beaches of Thailand by rolling down my speedo. I got the worst burn between my boobs!!! Served me right.

  6. Hey! I discovered your blog and quilt thru SewCalGal. I am a Kelly too! I went to China last year alone. I am married, but the trip was for work and I had a blast. Love your quilt and your attitude! Merry Christmas and a happy and joyous New Year!

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!

    Thank you for sharing


  8. Beautiful quilt - thanks for entering the contest so we could see it.

  9. way love your story.


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